Cheaper Downtown Loft

Too often we feature fancy pant places. Well here’s something simpler.

A 591 square feet, west facing, one bedroom loft at 1119 1st Ave, unit 213, in the Grand Pacific Hotel Building. It’s listed at $259k and has been on the market 10 days and last sold in 2006 for $295k.

Though I’m totally confused what the floorplan is based on the photos!

Update: Corrected the neighborhood to downtown from Pioneer Square.

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  • Kevin Jonson

    Not really Pioneer Square, its a block from the Seattle Art Museum right downtown. ¬†Technically its in the “West Edge” neighborhood.

  • mattgoyer

    Jeez, the second neighborhood mistake I’ve made in a week!

  • Diane

    this is right at the Seneca off-ramp onto 1st, into downtown from the viaduct

  • CGP213

    Hey, that’s my unit! Yes, it’s definitely downtown, or “West Edge” if you must. The layout is simple – the bedroom is the first door on the right off the entry hall, and has a double-door to an interior patio (not included in the square footage but exclusive to the unit.)

    The loft is accessed via the ladder in the bedroom, and is over the closet, bath, and kitchen.

    The closet is a walk-through between the bedroom and bathroom, and has removable panels that separate it from the the hall closet. (We turned it into our daughter’s bedroom for a while – it fits a toddler bed with the panels removed.)

    Kitchen and living room are in the back, with the exterior windows and view. (Those are concrete countertops.)

    We love the unit, but a second baby on the way is forcing us into a larger space.

  • mattgoyer

    Thanks for stopping by and filling us in on the details!

  • Cgp

    ¬†The aforementioned second baby has arrived, so we’ve lowered the asking price to $244k for a quick sale.