Monster Pioneer Square Loft

Wow, if this were on Capitol Hill, I’d buy it in a second!

210 3rd Ave S, Unit 3A is a unit at “The Lofts” in Pioneer Square. It is huge at 1,629 square foot for a “1 bed”. Comes with parking and either a private deck, or access to a rooftop deck.

It is listed at $549k, last sold in 2004 for $460k. Unless they invested in the unit hard to justify that much of an increase.

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  • Diane

    gorgeous loft, close to transit hub, lovely art galleries
    below; downside is the view out those big windows is druggie central at the
    triangle bus stop to the west @ 2nd/3rd/Main; and open air train
    tunnel on east side of building

  • john cocktosin

    Perfect location.  You can walk out the door, get your meth around the corner, then go get in a fight with the bridge and tunnel crowd at Cowgirls before a football game.

  • Holly Hall Wilson

    Is this still available and are their any photos of the rooftop areas. Can you explain the option to a private deck or rooftop access?

  • mattgoyer

    Sorry, it doesn’t look like it is on the market anymore!