Seattle Times: Downtown Seattle Condos Are Finally Filling Up

Eric Pryne over at the Seattle Times dives deep into the Seattle condo scene in the Seattle Times today, Downtown Seattle condos are finally filling up:

Market analysts agree the balance between condo supply and demand has shifted recently — if only because most of the supply, at long last, is gone.

Many buildings have sold out, and “most of the others have been cherry-picked,” says Seattle real-estate economist Matthew Gardner.

Of 2,500 new condos delivered in downtown, Belltown, Lower Queen Anne and South Lake Union during the market’s darkest days, fewer than 250 developer-owned units remain unsold, according to county records.

That number drops below 200 when you count pending sales expected to close in the next few months

The articles includes a quote from us as well as a great graphic with current sales status:

Folks on the sidelines, what do you think? Time to buy? Anyone think prices will go lower?

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    In my experience, the best deals on downtown condos are on resales. If you’re willing to pay dearly for dues and endure the short sale process, a 1br can be yours for less than half of what someone paid for it in 2006!