Last Unsold Penthouse at 5th and Madison

We knew there were more units at 5th and Madison being held onto by the developer!

If you knew too and were waiting for the last unsold penthouse. Here’s your chance. If you’re waiting for unit 2304, keep waiting.

Unit #2402 just hit the market a few days ago.

1,950 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

For such an expensive place you think maybe they’d send a professional real estate photographer in…

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  • phil

    Those pics are just sad.  Time for a post highlighting professional RE photography work.

  • Vintagebavaria

    You’ve got to wonder what they are thinking….

    A little staging and a few hundred bucks on photography is all it would take.

  • Sunny

    That penthouse has been on and off the MLS since 2007 – I remember looking at it in 2009. I guess they didn’t bother listing it in 2011 since nobody was buying.

    I notice they cut the price 25% from what they mentioned. Even so, 5th and Mad is a pretty horrid condo development. Apart from all the foreclosures and underwater sales,  the building has not aged well and is already starting to look shabby.

    Last time I visited, someone was moving there furniture in through the front door, because there is no freight elevator. And I just noticed the new restaurant closed their doors recently….

  • jerry

    Look at the HOA fees.  Does anyone else think they are exessive?  This building has become very heavy renter occupied building.