Four Seasons Replacing Glass Balconies

A reader tipped us off that it looks like the Four Seasons Seattle is undergoing some repair work already:

From my office I noticed that the Four Seasons is replacing the glass on all of it balconies/terraces. Looks like every balcony on all of the apartment floors and the common area at the top. You can see from the photo. All glass panes have been removed and the replacements are stacked on each balcony.
Probably as simple as a fault in the original glass supplied. Looks expensive. Wonder what happened and if there are implications for other structures with glass.

Seeing as the Four Seasons was built in 2008 this may be warranty work as the building approaches its four year anniversary / statue of limitations on developer warranty.

Four Seasons Seattle

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  • mattgoyer

    It is embarrassing that we’re six months late to this story. But it is more embarrassing that it has taken them this long to replace the glass!

  • Diane

    yep, it was a pretty big story last summer/fall; wonder why it took so long to replace glass

  • Lawrence

    Replacement of materials must be done to ensure
    safety for this building. Every year the materials depreciate so it is really a
    must to schedule some maintenance to remove weak materials.