Another Lakeview Townhome Hits the Market

Another Lakeview Townhome has hit the market.

These were originally built in 2009 but didn’t sell so they rented them out. And have now been trying to selling them again. The last one they put up sold in five days.

Unit A is 1,700 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.25 bathrooms and is listed at $699k.

We like the modern look and views of Lake Union, but worry that the kitchen might just be a little too industrial and worry about I-5 noise and pollution.

You can check the place out this Sunday from noon to 3pm.

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  • homes for sale bozeman

    Oh Nice property site along a beautiful place to live.
    And lovely design but as I’m also a real estate agent so i think about the price you’re not offering a good deal so if you’d make it a little down than maybe you;d get the good response very soon.

  • transportable houses

    I think if We’ll only see the specs of this house like it’s 1700 Sq Ft, 3 bedrooms and 2.25 Bathrooms other things then I don’t think so some body will pay for this house about $699K. But just the location is reason of high price and still it’s seems like reasonable.