Escala Raises Prices Again

Escala, now famous for appearing in 50 Shades of Grey, had previously raised prices at the end of April, and this week moved up prices on a handful of units:

#1802 – $934k to $949k (started at $924k)

#308 – $579k to $589k

#1908 – $799k to $809k (started at $769k)

#902 – $779k to $789k

#702 – $739k to $749k

#1802 – $934k to $949k (started at $929k)

As Escala continues to get closer to selling out (we last checked in with them at the end of April when they were 68% sold out) I expect we’ll continue to see them sneaking up prices a little bit at a time. I’m curious though, for those making offers are they doing any negotiating or standing firm on prices?

Escala Condos 213x300 Escala Raises Prices Again

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  • Escala Buyer

    They are less willing to negotiate at the higher prices than they were at lower prices.

  • MyFirst

    There seems to be very little room for negotiations even though the pricess have been raised.