Letter: Please Sell Me Your Condo

Got a letter in the mail asking if I’d sell my condo. Tempting!

With very few condos for sale these days has anyone else received something similar?

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  • Guest

    I got one in similar in Trace North, less personalized though. I figured it was a scam or an agent trying to drum up some listings.

  • http://twitter.com/evilpenguin81 evilpenguin81

    Yep, I live in Trace North and got the same letter :)  Unit 510 just went pending for a great price ~ 2 weeks ago, someone must see a good opportunity in the area

  • Dbabraham

    I have received similar letters from real estate agents in the past and invariably they are come ons to get listings. But a year ago when I lost out on a short sale in Seattle, I looked up the owner of another condo in the same building and wrote a similar letter to this one. One thing led to another and after many delays and obstacles overcome I purchased two condos from real estate investor. The deal was done without any real estate agents and was between two sophisticated parties — I am a lawyer. So I can attest that these solicitations can be genuine ooprtunities to sell.

  • Guest

    An old coworker of mine sold his house this way: he got an unsolicited offer out of the blue, worked out a price, and moved out shortly thereafter. I wouldn’t write it off as a scam; it’s a clever move by a buyer who’s frustrated by the lack of sellers in your building.