Cal Anderson Townhouse

I’ve always had a soft spot for the townhomes facing Cal Anderson. They’re the perfect combo of downtown location without all the craziness of leaving in an apartment or condo on Pike. Sadly we were not impressed when we toured them back in 2010 but I have to say that 1816 11th Ave – Unit B looks good, at least online :).

$464,000 for a 880 square foot 1 bed, 1 bath. Ignore the last sold info on Redfin, I don’t believe it is correct.

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  • Anne

    That’s a ridiculous price.

  • Ned

    The previous price looks right (compared with other previous sales in that development). It doesn’t look like there’s a bathtub.

  • Marcella Branniff

    Agreed, these are still priced pretty high, and these street-facing units’ pricing will (or should) be dragged down a bit further due to the back units’ poor layout and almost complete lack of natural light in the living areas.

  • Mikey

    That location is amazing. Want.

  • John

    Definitely way overpriced. Two bedroom lofts at the Brix Condos were listed at that same price and a one bedroom loft at the Brix just was sold for $300K. Great property and will probably be look at more seriously in the mid $300K range.

  • Joe

    I used to live right there. Nice view as long as you don’t mind that it turns into a campground for the homeless at night.

  • mattgoyer

    That is very unfortunate!