5 Star Built GREEN Mega Modern in Beacon Hill

1762 18th Ave S

South Seattle is vastly becoming the new hot spot for young home buyers to rest their feet at night, and with newly built Moderns like this 5 Star Built Green home in Beacon Hill sprouting up more and more, I can finally smell the gentrification settling in.

This lovely 2 bed, 2.5 bath home built by Dwell Development in 2009 features floor to ceiling windows, modest blonde hardwood flooring throughout, and an open floor plan on the first level perfect for entertaining. The 1,658 sf two story home has a fairly large master with sizable walk in closet, a deep European-like soaking tub with Ann Sacks tiles in both bathrooms. The media/entertainment area is designed with concrete heated flooring and there is clearly ample natural light throughout. The bonus for this home is clearly the 500 sf roof top terrace with panoramic views; perfect for entertaining, or spying on the neighborhood. There will be an open house for viewing today from 11:00am-1:00pm, and also on Sunday October 14th from 1:00-4:00pm, so if you’re at all interested in Green building, this one might be worth checking out.

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  • Don C

    As an architect, I find “built green” and large, single-family residence to be amusing when placed next to each other. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that they are trying to make this a more efficient and responsibly built structure but it’s a bit like a more fuel efficient SUV. “Built Green” is just a marketing tool, green building is another thing.

    Looks nice, too bad they went for operating room white on the kitchen counters and cabinets, that will show grease and other cooking remnants in 15 seconds of habitation and look pretty crappy. Unless it’s just a show kitchen that is.

  • Access

    No link to the property listing??

  • Kara Tiernan

    The Property Listing is linked to “5 star Built Green Home.”

  • hammerweigh

    1658 sf for a single family home is not large, in fact it’s quite small by today’s standards.
    And to clarify, you’d prefer your grease and “other cooking remnants” to be camouflaged by something with a pattern instead of cleaning it up?

  • Don C

    First point, “today’s standards”, we should be aiming to live and build to tomorrow’s standards. 1658 sf is in fact quite large for a 2 bedroom home (not for 3 or more bedrooms) and 2.5 baths for a 2 bedrooms? Also excessive. Not for luxury mind you but for “green”. My point is that this home is not sustainable design, it is a very nice home that has been green washed. I find the “built green” standard to be a low bar that exists only to assuage quilt for a consumptive lifestyle.
    Second point, don’t put words in my mouth about the kitchen, light colors be they patterns or not do not work well in the immediate vicinity of a stove. Dark colors, patterned or not, do work. Grease travels even with the best of exhaust fans and filters, it then traps dirt and looks bad quickly. White kitchen cabinets and counters immediately adjacent to a stove are bad design, pure and simple. A good designer thinks of maintenance as well. “cleaning it up”… you would have the homeowners wipe down every cabinet in a 6 foot radius after every time they cook on a stovetop?