Price Drop Shows Developer is Not Monkeying Around

A $30k price cut seems to have done the trick for three new townhouses near 23rd Ave and Madison St. The “3 Monkeys”, designed by the Playhouse Design Group, came onto the market around Nov. 1st priced between $620k and $630k.

The “3 Monkeys” near 23rd Ave and Madison St.

Earlier this week, the developer dropped the price on all three homes by the same amount, down to $590k to 600k. Yesterday, Unit C went pending, then Unit B went pending today and I’m told an offer came in late this afternoon for Unit A. While these homes may soon be off the market, I’ll post pictures from today’s open house because the units just look cool inside and out.

Like other projects from Playhouse Design Group, the 3 Monkeys are fun and their boxy homes are just out of the box enough. I particularly like the unique tile work in the kitchen and bathrooms. These homes have 3 bedrooms, 2.25 baths spread over 3 floors and 2,131 sq ft. I’m sure they would have sold for $700k and up if they were closer to Capitol Hill or Madison Park, rather than in an alley off of 23rd Ave with homes on either side.

I look forward to the next project from Quinn Borseno and his team at Playhouse Design Group…

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  • We went over yesterday with our agent, and I have to say that the exact location down a dead-end alley was a huge turnoff for us. The units themselves were fantastic, and a two-car garage can’t be beat but I’m stunned that people are willing to spend so much money to live in an alley. I’ll admit the views, while crowded, were still pretty great but I’d be afraid to have my guests walk down that alley at night to come see us.

  • Bernard

    I would tend to agree with you. Though, the one good thing about being located in the alley is that you’re shielded from much of the road noise. I think the worse part is having to look directly into the neighbor’s house.