Video and Photos: The Post in Pioneer Square

If you prefer urban living with modern amenities but in a historic setting, the new Post Apartments in Pioneer Square may be the right address for you.

Built at about the location of Seattle’s first post office, the 16-story contemporary structure rises above the brick buildings around Western Ave and Marion St, offering units in the upper floors some great views of Elliott Bay and Downtown Seattle. We went for a hard hat tour of The Post to see what else it delivers. Here’s our video review…

The highlight at The Post is definitely the nearly 20,000 square feet of community space on the top floor. The area was still under construction when we visited but we got a VIP tour and saw the many amenities that will be available, including a large window-filled room  for the gym; a smaller exercise room that offers more privacy; a spectacular lounge with windows looking out to the west and north; a game room; a theater room; and an outdoor deck that boasts a resort-like reflecting pool. (More photos below)

A reflecting pool will anchor a spectacular roof deck

The style inside the 208 units is urban and contemporary, as the developers advertised, with exposed ductwork in the kitchen, concrete ceilings and columns throughout, and just about floor-to-ceiling windows. Though, minimalist is probably the more appropriate term since the design is very simple and straightforward. There’s not a lot of fuss or fancy.

The kitchen in a one-bedroom unit

Each unit comes standard with stainless steel appliances, quartz countertops, a wall-mounted air conditioning unit, engineered wood flooring and double-pane windows.  Those windows come in handy for the west-facing units because the Alaskan Way Viaduct is just a block to the west.  In the two model units we visited on the 8th floor, we heard some highway noise.

A bedroom with a clear view of Elliott Bay

The noise is a small price to pay for wonderful views. The west-facing units on the 8th floors and up have unobstructed views of Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains. You do pay a premium for that backdrop. The 2br/2ba unit in the southwest corner of the 8th floor is renting for $3760/mo, while an urban one bedroom a few doors down is going for $1986/mo. Check out our previous post for the full price ranges.

The rents are on the higher end, but given The Post’s location, views, amenities (including concierge) and new construction, I bet it gives nearby buildings like Harbor Steps a good run for their money.

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  • Poe ThePom

    The post property management is a joke. Brandy the manager is horrible which is why everything is always messed up and involved in disorganization and lies. The building is beautiful so it’s a shame she ruins it. But she isn’t alone. Her mini me Lynette is a condescending twerp…. Puppeted by Brandy … So not surprised. Worst decision on a place to live EVER! But again the building was amazing and the great people I met there made it worth it. Oh and if you have a pet beware of the claim they are pet friendly….. They are only allowed on the dog run and your apartment. Another Lie courtesy of Brandy. The lease says nothing of the sort but she claims ” she can change the rules anytime”

  • waus88

    The management of this building is beyond deplorable. They seem to be under the impression they are not accountable for a single complaint to literally disregarding any resident concerns. If you think you’ll clean your apartment and get any type of refund returned, WRONG. Not only will you pay MORE on move-out than move-in, but they will create at least 5 new charges. If your lock breaks, you will be charged to basically purchase a new door as the cost is steep. The locks always break, there is a part that is dysfunctional and it’s an easy way for them to make another charge to residents. The Post rents out units to Ginosi guests, basically a B & B/hotel for foreigners and they are not respectful of the common amenity spaces, let alone “quiet time” in the evenings. They also smoke throughout the building and hallways and usually have 10 guests in each unit, which could be next to yours! These are only the beginning of the issues here at the Post. BE WARNED and no matter how they attempt to dress it up, it’s a very difficult place to reside in, peacefully. They do NOT work on resolving resident’s issues, only covering them up! My advice: Steer clear of this apartment building because it is THE WORST! The maintenance team is the only bonus and any good staff quickly make their departure. The neighborhood turns into the TWILIGHT ZONE after 6PM.

  • waus88

    I agree. She is extremely unprofessional and mean!