What A Remodel…

The new pictures of this recently renovated house near 21st and E. Pine (southeastern edge of Capitol Hill) give you a sense of the work that was done. Sleek, modern lines fill this 5-bedroom, 3000+ square foot home that date back to 1901.

WholeA What A Remodel...

1621 21st Ave, Seattle

But to really see the transformation, check out the photos from the previous listing, before the extensive renovation began. It’s pretty amazing. You can hardly recognize the previous incarnation. Inside or out.

ExteriorB What A Remodel...

Exterior – Before

Exteriora What A Remodel...

Exterior – After

KitchenB What A Remodel...

Main Kitchen – Before

BarA What A Remodel...

Main Kitchen – After

BathroomB What A Remodel...

Bathroom – Before

BathroomA What A Remodel...

Bathroom – After

It would be great to see the floor plan before and after to see what walls were torn down and how the different rooms were reconfigured.

Now, we haven’t visited the house in person so we can only judge the quality of the remodel based on the photos and the listing description. The house is listed for just shy of $850,000. It last sold for around $400,000. Did the developers double the value of this home? Will it get $850,000? It will be interesting to see the reaction.

The listing suggests the renovation was not only cosmetic but that the builders retrofitted the 1901 structure to make it certified Built Green & energy-efficient. The energy performance is said to be guaranteed by Green Canopy Homes.

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  • http://twitter.com/veganricha Richa

    Price went down to 799. the remodel is the best on the main floor. great family room and yard. Upstairs is alright with narrow spaces. basement has not changed much.

  • http://twitter.com/veganricha Richa

    and the floors and very uneven.

  • http://twitter.com/veganricha Richa

    not sure where my earlier comment went. the price went down to 799. the main floor is great, upstairs is alright. basement has hardly been touched.

  • Seattle Dweller

    Saw this at the open house last weekend – love how they transformed a century old house with modern style. I bet at the new price it will sell fast, it’s crazy how hot the Seattle market is right now – hope things keep looking up!