A $6,500 Rental at The Sanctuary

If you missed out on buying at The Sanctuary on Capitol Hill, but you still want to live in the renovated church, here’s your chance. One of the 12 contemporary residences is available for rent. But you still need plenty of money to have a prayer.

Rental at The Sanctuary near 16th and E. Denny

Rental at The Sanctuary near 16th and E. Denny

We found this listing on Craigslist advertising a 2-3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom unit for $6,500 a month. We’re not sure if that means two bedrooms and den or three bedrooms. The home is said to be 2,900 square feet with a 500 square foot deck.

The unit also boasts 35-foot ceilings, top of the line stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, a high end sound system, two parking spaces and a storage area.


According to the listing, “words do not really do it justice, please check out the pictures.” They must have left out some of the best photos because the ones online don’t really show off the unit. And at this price range, was it too much to ask for the owner to tidy up and put away the clothes?

Are the clothes part of the staging?

Are the clothes part of the staging?


In the listing, the owners say they have the best unit in the complex. (I don’t know about that). Would you be interested?

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  • YoYo

    Unreal. Place looks like a meth lab inside. I’ve been in these, and whoever took these photos should reconsider reshooting. The photos are horrific.

  • Have you really been inside? This project was just completed a few years ago.

  • I think all but one or two were open during the open house, but, yeah, these photos are a joke if you’re asking this much money. I don’t know why I’m shocked that people would spend 3/4 of a million dollars to live like an utter slob. Sad.

  • Brad

    Those photos were part of a photo shoot at the house for a bridal magazine. Messy models… but it doesn’t seem to be tempering the response at all! So far it as been outstanding.

  • Megan

    Being my house, i feel compelled to comment as the photos are a little embarrassing. I promise we are not slobs and the place does not look like a meth lab. We happene to have a photographer in our house doing a bridal photo shoot, so we asked him to take a few shots. Plus, it was Christmas and our place was adorned with massive amounts of Christmas decorations made from popscicle sticks and cotton balls by our 7 year old. So, apologies for the last min crummy photos. We should have said the pictures don’t do it justice. It really is beautiful.. But a bridal shoot in a meth lab does sound very cutting edge…

  • We checked these units out when they opened. One of the bathtubs had a faucet that dropped the water from the ceiling! It was very loud and splashed everywhere (though picturesque). I can’t tell from the pictures, but that may have been the unit.

  • They had several open houses when they were for sale last year. We checked them out because the outside building is so beautiful but weren’t very impressed by what they had done with the insides of most of the units. Of course, it was a bit out of our price range.. :-P.

  • This place is still for rent, just came down to $6,000: http://www.windermere.com/listings//WA/Seattle/1841-16th-Ave-98122/17323857