Which $5k rental would you choose?

Let’s say money is not an issue and you can spend $5,000+ a month on rent. Which of these high-end rentals would you choose: An exquisitely modern condo on the 23rd floor of the Escala or a more stately penthouse unit at the historic Seaboard building?

Shiny and new at The Escala

Exquisite at The Escala

Stately at The Seaboard

Stately at The Seaboard

Both units are two bedrooms and two baths spread out over more than 1,900 sq ft. Both feature luxury appliances and finishes. Both have beautiful city views from locations in the heart of downtown.

The Seaboard penthouse, for $5,400 a month, is surrounded by a gorgeous wrap-around 1,500 sq ft deck. The Escala unit, for $5,500 a month, comes with the building’s many premium amenities such as a spa and temperature-controlled wine storage.

You can see the Escala building from Seaboard's wrap around penthouse deck

You can see the Escala building from the Seaboard unit’s wrap around deck

The other major difference is style. The Escala is 2012, while the Seaboard is more 1992. Which would you choose?

Living room at The Escala

Living room at The Escala

Living room at The Seaboard

Living room at The Seaboard

Bathroom at The Escala

Bathroom at The Escala

Bathroom at The Seaboard

I prefer the style at the Escala but I think if I had to pick, the Seaboard penthouse unit wins out because of that amazing deck. You could throw some pretty sweet parties during the summer.

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  • ninaf

    Wrap around deck wins.

  • Seaboard. Though for two months there was a $5000 floating home for rent on Craigslist. I would have taken that. Looks like it is off the market now.

  • suburban_war

    I’d take that kitchen skylight in the Seaboard for sure, it makes the Escala kitchen look like a dark cave full of gaudy high-gloss cabinets.

  • Similar price range but not as exciting is this First Hill condo for $6,000: http://www.windermere.com/listings//WA/Seattle/1223-Spring-St-701-98104/17323862

  • chickape

    Neither. Modern and ugly. Give me a sweet neighborhood home anyday.

  • phil

    Seaboard: for the deck, the light filled kitchen (and minimal stainless steel), and the the wood trim & floors.

  • tbabichuk

    I prefer the escala – but i think I could tolerate living at either ;)