Via6 40% Leased


With their marketing campaign just getting started Via6 has already leased a whooping 40% of their 654 units according to the PSBJ, More than 40% of apartments already leased at big new Via6 project in downtown Seattle. And those renters are paying upwards of $3/square foot.

Two years ago, when construction of the $200 million project was starting, there were questions about whether the market could support such a big project. At the time, the developer said rents for a 700-square-foot unit would be around $1,900 a month. It turns out rents are higher.

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  • suburban_war

    They got really lucky with Via6 –right across the street from the three blocks Amazon is redeveloping. They’ll have a great source of well-paid renters for a long time. I checked out the building a couple of days ago as Velo, one of the only bike shops on Capitol Hill, moved down there. The building seems nice enough, and it’s far less generic than other recent area high-rises like Alto. Interiors are typical $3/sqft fare, nothing super special. Rents get a little crazy the higher you go in the building, but maybe it’ll seem worth it once the huge Tom Douglas thing at ground level is completed.

  • Anna Liwanag

    As a current tenant of the Via6 & Scavenger hunt participant, I am happy to hear that Via6 is well on its way to half rented!