Pioneer Square Lofts: Rent or Buy?

Looking for a true loft? Pioneer Square right now has two options for you in the same building, aptly named “The Lofts” (how original). You can rent or buy depending on your budget and commitment level.


First the rental.

210 3rd Ave – Unit 4D

Unit 4D rents for $2,450 a month which gets you nearly 1,300 square feet, 1 bedroom and 1.75 bathrooms. This unit is definitely staged better than the unit for sale!

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Or you can buy.

210 3rd Ave – Unit 2D

Unit 2D is selling for $499k which gets you nearly 1,500 square feet. Still just 1 bedroom. 1.75 bathrooms. If I bought this place I’d strip it down to the bones. Rip out the fireplace, the kitchen and the bathroom. Time to start over.

At 20% down this place would cost you $1,800 a month. Less than the rental.

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