2030 8th Avenue Broke Ground

Weber Thompson’s newsletter brings word that a huge apartment building at 2030 8th Ave has broken ground. Or perhaps this is old news and I’m behind in my construction news.

2030 8th Ave is a 440’-0” apartment tower for GID, located right across the street from Amazon’s upcoming three-building, 3,000,000 square foot south campus. With 348 upscale apartments, “this tall and slender tower will change the Denny Triangle / SLU skyline with bold, sculpted geometry.” Weber Thompson is providing architectural, interior design and landscape architectural design services for this amazing project.

Check it out and more on Weber Thompson’s new website.

2030 8th Ave

2030 8th Ave - 2

2030 8th Ave - 3

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  • phil

    Not another effing apartment building. Folks want condos now and they are willing to pay. Developers who wait until interest rates go up and all the competition are flooding the market, will lose out, again. Though it will be great for bottom feeders like me.

  • kent

    I think you will see a lot of these apartments convert in 4 to 5 years. They are being built to condo specs.

  • DC

    Any update on estimated completion date and/or sneak peeks?