Another $1.8M Lake Washington Modern Hits the Market

If you have $1.8 million, love modern homes, and want to live a block off the water you now have two options. The first is the Tom Kundig designed home we blogged about on Monday and the second hit the market today at 4109 Lake Washington Blvd S. Built by Ainslie-Davis Construction & Baan Design it is a 4 beds, 2.75 bath, 3,026 square foot home. Like the Kundig home it has views of the lake concrete and raw steel.

I’d probably favor the Kundig house… Which would you pick?

Or if $1.8m is too rich, how about this home at 917 Lake Washington Blvd which just dropped its price to $998k. Not as design-y but still has concrete floors, views and some neat features.







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