Capitol Hill Mansion Updated By Tom Kundig

The Seattle Times recently featured a mansion built by Rainier Brewery founder Andrew Hemrich, which was bought for $2.3m in 2010, by a couple who cashed out to tune of $25 million on a play and had it renovated by famous architectTom Kundig.

Check it out, Mansion built by Rainier Brewery founder gets a contemporary touch:

THE MANSION is historic, the owners are young and techie, and the architect is one of the most sought-after in the world at the moment. Just think about what could have happened.

Instead, Gay Gilmore, Troy Hakala and architect Tom Kundig melded new and old, kid-friendly and classic, into a family home that looks as stately as it has since Rainier Brewery founder Andrew Hemrich built it in 1908.




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  • daryn

    This is just about perfect – kitchen and office space are beautiful. Don’t love all the dark wood, but it’s period appropriate.

  • Matt

    These people live up the block from me. Serious attention whores. Too funny they are boasting in the Times. They should be in Medina not Capitol Hill.