Insignia To Cost $450 Million

The PSBJ has a Q&A with Insignia’s developer, Nat Bosa. Two most interesting facts. The project is costing $450 million and the sales center should be open after Labor Day. He also gave a little detail on pricey and amenities:ipqa-bosa-nat-02-304

When will you start selling units at Insignia, and how much will they cost?

We’re starting with the south tower. Units will range from one- to three-bedrooms and sell from the high $400,000s to about $2 million. It’ll be loaded with amenities, including a sky lounge on the 41st floor, a sky pet retreat, and a roof terrace with barbecue areas on the top floor of the podium. I think the sales center will be open after Labor Day.

Interestingly they won’t be using local marketing or sales teams.

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  • Peter K

    Nat Bosa is one of the smartest in the business. He usually sees opportunities 3-5 years before other developers. That’s why we are starting condos in Seattle as well…

  • phil

    You will get some living space for your money too…

    “The larger condos will have three bedrooms, and the smaller ones will
    range from one-bedrooms in the 800-square-foot range to two-bedrooms
    that will be about 1,500 square feet.”

    I don’t know what they expect to do with all those parking spaces. Last I heard, they were under-utilized already in Belltown.