James Bond’s Summer Condo is for Rent (Sorta)

The house, at 814 E Blaine St, that a Redfin agent has described as, “If James Bond had a summer condo in Seattle, this would be it. Sleek, modern styling, automatic blind raising/lowering buttons, glass partitions.” is now for rent. I guess no one was interested in a duplex with major I-5 noise for $1.25m.

Long story short: we moved out of our Trace Loft, now live in a rental that the owner might sell so we thought we’d check this rental out. However, the rental agent doesn’t seem to interested in renting it! Read on…

Us: We are very interested in looking at this home. Do you have time tomorrow evening to show it?

Agent: Would you please provide some details about you and your family dynamic ….so I can see if this is a good fit for you! Also, do you have pets? When are you looking to move in? I like to discuss a little up front before actually scheduling the viewing, just to make sure we don’t waste either of our time, make sense?

Us: (Wow, that smacks of a Fair Housing violation.) We own two condos on Capitol Hill, and moved into a rental home this past March for more room. The owner of the home we’re renting is actually looking to sell now and we’re actively looking for another home to rent. We have no pets and would be looking for a year or longer lease.

Agent: August 1st move in?

Us: August 1st could work, but I think August 15th would be more realistic with our time frame. Do you have time in the next few days to schedule a showing?

Agent: If you can start the lease August 1st, I can show u today! Let me know!

Us: I don’t think we’d sign ourselves up for something like that without seeing the property first.

Agent: Have u had a chance to walk/drive by the property yet? If not, I would recommend doing this to make sure the neighborhood/location/parking/
proximity to I -5 all work out first…it is down the hill from broadway ave e, next to the “Blaine stairs”. The 2 parking spots r on the area that is currently grass, right next to the unit.

Us: (Wow, sure doesn’t sound like this rental agent wants to do their job! This is way too much hassle; we’ll move onto the next place.)

So if you have no kids and want to sign an August 1st lease maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a showing!

Update: The place seems to now be no longer for rent or for sale. VERY ODD. They were asking $4,800/month in rent.

814 E Blaine - Exterior

814 E Blaine - Living Room

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  • Brian

    How much was the rent? The listing has been deleted.

  • I think it was $4,800.

  • should have built a passivhaus. would barely notice I-5 or boeing/seatac approaches. plus cleaner houses/air quality to boot. may even cost less at those prices.

  • phil

    A landscaped earthen berm on the west edge of the lot would cut down the traffic noise also, without blocking the view of the lake. When I took the Dungeness shuttle to Port Townsend a few weeks ago, I was amazed to see how many high end houses above I-5 had clear views of I-5. If you can see it, you can hear it.

  • look

    Were you really going to pay $4800 or just wanted a look?

  • No, we wouldn’t have paid what they were asking but yes we were seriously interested in seeing it and considering it as a possible rental.

  • Native

    That was a stupid stunt. The agent was doing their job and doing it well. It’s called “pre-qualifying a renter.” It has nothing to do with Fair Housing violations and has everything to do with keeping lookiloos like you from setting foot inside a house you can’t afford.

  • I can afford it and was serious about renting it.