Live in a Former Queen Anne School!


Ever want to live in housing units that were formerly school buildings? If they’re located on Queen Anne hill, your answer should be yes! I’ve always been a huge fan of the condos in Queen Anne High School, but this time around, it’s a unit in the South Slope West Queen Anne School that is available. Located on 5th Ave W, just a hop away from Trader Joe’s, this historic brick exudes class just from the outside entrance. This unit in particular is an end unit penthouse on the building’s fourth floor, and it is impressive all around. Boasting 2 bedrooms and 2.25 bathrooms, this unit has hardwood floors and (my favorite feature), slanted windows throughout the home’s vaulted ceilings. Homeowner’s dues are a bit on the high side at $1,884/month, but all around this is an impressive historic unit.

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  • Diane Terry

    Suzi thanks for featuring one of my most favorite condo units in the entire city! Please note that approximately 40% of the HOA dues can be written off on your tax return similar to mortgage interest. That takes the sting out and the fact that the seller is pre-paying an entire years HOA’s at that sale price!