Hoarder Mid-Century Modern Transformed

You won’t believe the before and after photos on this Broadview mid-century modern studs out re-model. 12730 9th Ave NW, bought in January of this year for $367k it has been completely remodeled and back on the market for $949k. 3,182 square feet. 3 bedrooms, 2.25 bathrooms and photos that you just won’t believe.


12730 9th Ave NW - Before - Exterior

12730 9th Ave NW - Before - Bedroom

12730 9th Ave NW - Before - Living Room

12730 9th Ave NW - Before - Room

12730 9th Ave NW - Before - Den

12730 9th Ave NW - Before - Basement


12730 9th Ave NW - After - Kitchen

12730 9th Ave NW - After - Living Room

12730 9th Ave NW - After - Yard

12730 9th Ave NW - After - Deck

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For years Matt resisted becoming a real estate agent preferring to be an executive at Redfin but he recently caved in the spring of 2014 and became an agent. If you're interested in working with Matt, drop him a line at matt@urbnlivn.com. You can also find Matt on Twitter or skiing.

  • jp

    beautiful transformation!

  • Bria Knowles

    Wow – THAT is insanity. Very cool post :)

  • Janel Harvey Johnson

    Great post! I cannot believe how the beams were rotted on the ceiling. Love the new mod look..but it is too bad they didn’t furnish in mid century, besides the noguchi hanging lamp.

  • David Bohnhoff

    stunner! amazing views. Well Done!

  • Joannabee

    Spectacularly beautiful afters. Having said that-still not sure I could live there (even if I could afford it) knowing what it was before. I’m sure there is absolutely nothing left from the hoard but it just creeps me out too bad!!

  • just me

    WOW!! What I would love to know is how much the renovation cost and how long it took.

  • john

    I think that’s a George Nelson style hanging light. :-)

  • Janel Harvey Johnson

    Ahh, yes. You’re right.

  • Sandra

    Gorgeous and wonderful that it was rescued in time!

  • Bill Volckening


  • bjeanthejellybean

    Wow! Sure is a beautiful transformation…. but must say, that wasn’t a hoarder that was just a plain pig….

  • Jodie Pickel

    I agree, the person/people who lived there were not hiarders they were just filthy pigs

  • Elaine

    Is this really the same house??? The after pictures are spectacular!

  • ShortSitedForSure

    That’s not hoarding. That’s just beyond filth … more like a mental case or two. I can’t believe someone would pay over $300k for it like that – even if you could almost triple your investment. Lots of work and money on the line. You couldn’t even an inspection to be able to evaluate the property before buying – though bulldozing would probably be the better option.

  • Joseph

    Stark before/after contrast, but is that interior really something to write home about? Prefinished bamboo floors and cheap “espresso” cabinets – are they “gonna party like it’s 1999?”
    Also, it’s too bad they painted over the beams; they were a prominent design feature, and are now sort of lost.

  • Guest

    That’s what I thought – why not just bulldoze it? The mold that must have been deep in the walls. *shudder*