The Martin Puts On A Good Show in Downtown Seattle

Flashback #1: The Cinerama Theater on Fourth Ave. opened in 1963 and was known as Seattle’s Martin Cinerama, part of a small theater chain specializing in the widescreen format. Fast forward 50 years and The Martin has returned across the alley at Fifth Ave and Lenora St. The sequel is a much smaller theater room for about 15 people. Oh, and there are also 188 residential units in the building.

The Martin officially debuted on Friday as residents started moving into the 24-story apartment highrise. I went for a tour and I can tell you it is a blockbuster in terms of amenities and roomy one bedroom units. First, the amenities and there are quite a few of them, such as…


Rooftop terrace with great views and a p-patch


Theater room with an 80-inch screen


Huge dining table and chef’s kitchen that are open to all residents and are perfect for entertaining

Fitness Center with skyline views from the 24th floor

Fitness center with skyline views from the 24th floor

Dining Deck" with BBQ grills and beautiful views

Dining Deck” with BBQ grills and beautiful views

 There are also a guest suite, a business center and a spacious lounge on the top floor. But what puts it over the top are two perks for your pets that are better than most amenities designed for people. Check out this outdoor doggy relief area that has a view of The Space Needle and mounted heaters. The photo below that shows a large grooming station that is part of a “doggy spa”.IMG_4444 IMG_4445

On each floor, there are archive photos that pay homage to The Cinerama and Seattle’s theatrical past.


The photo above shows the cool treatment for each apartment number (credit to Rainier Industries for environmental signage). And that’s a good segue to the units themselves. But first, Flashback #2: Vulcan Real Estate had planned to develop The Martin as condominiums back in 2006. But the housing downturn shelved the script until 2011. When the plans were dusted off, the ending was changed from condos to apartments.

Megan Murphy, residential marketing manager for Vulcan, said they instructed Callison, the architect, to make only minor tweaks to the design. So the heart of The Martin story, including the roomy units (which average 940 sq. ft.), air conditioning, gas ranges and in-unit washer and dryer, remained in tact. However, some of the high-end condo finishes were edited out. For example, instead of say Bosch appliances, you get Whirlpool. Wood laminate plank line the floors as opposed to engineered hard wood. Check out these photos…

IMG_4410 IMG_4422 IMG_4414 IMG_4415 IMG_4412


The “One Bedroom with Den” floor plans are very spacious. They feature large bedrooms and walk-in closets. Given their size and The Martin’s central location, the rents are actually pretty good when compared to other new luxury rentals in Seattle. Here are the price points.

Open One Bedroom:       537-545 sq ft     – $1,580 to $1,985/mo

One Bedroom:                   733-843 sq ft    – $2,150 to $3,165/mo

One Bedroom w/ Den:   820-1,028 sq ft — $2,195 to $3,370/mo

Two Bedrooms:                 1129 sq ft            — $2995 to $3,935/mo

Parking is an additional $200 per month. Each pet you ave will raise the rent by $35 a month. The Martin is currently offering a month’s free rent as as a move-in special. The building is 40% leased.

I would say the “One Bedroom with Den” units are the best deals. They go for as little as $2.60 per sq. ft. Meanwhile, the “Open One Bedroom” layouts are sized like studios and you don’t get as much bang for your buck.

Now, The Martin also features 12 “Penthouse” units. While they’re not all on the top floor, they are asking for top dollar. These massive units are in the area of 2,000 sq. ft. each and are asking for as much as $8000 in rent! More on those units in the sequel to this post. Coming to on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, consider these bonus photos as the rolling credits…

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  • william

    I moved in and was very happy. The people at the front desk were nice and everything was great at first glance.

    To get into the issues:

    – there are buildings going up blocking all the views which they failed to mention before renting you a $2800 apartment
    – it is literally the most expensive complex in the city
    – you are not allowed to leave early. Period. They do not even accept someone taking over your lease and will want to charge you an arm and a leg to leave.
    – they charge crazy pet rent for a cat and the same for a dog even though dogs get a lot more amenities and the elevators smell like dirty dogs
    – always waiting on an elevator
    – they will never fix something on their own accord – you have to ask. Their maintenance guy is a 25 year old guy that could care less
    – people move in and out so much the elevators are always covered in padding and they are too lazy to take it down
    – no one cleans the grills and they become disgusting
    – you get an email once a week about BS things like its a college dorm
    – there are fobs to get into the building to make it safe, but any joe schmo can get in and do whatever. you complain? they are annoyed you complain
    – Parking is close to $300 a month??? Whaaaa
    – all other buildings with a Tom Douglas resto below get a discount…except the Martin
    – Only two options for internet and HAVE to go through their local rep who rips you off
    – For the price, there should be real hardwoods, not heat sticking vinyl. Oh and if there are dents, they say they will “rise up” but they dont, and I am sure they will charge when you leave
    – They say you have a package right before they close so you cannot get until the next day
    – They only know your name to show people visiting the building they are personal – dont be fooled, they are not
    – they keep threatening to remove some things like free coffee like a college dorm so be weary of the benefits
    – the common spaces are nice but nothing special. you get the same anywhere in seattle and they really try to oversell it here.

    Resume: do not live here. There are better Greystar properties and much better deals in the area. If you want to leave, you can’t and they will rape your wallet to let you leave. Total scam.