The Martin 2: The $8,000 Apartment

Earlier this week, we reviewed The Martin, a stylish high-end apartment building in the Denny Triangle or “Midtown” that takes its name from the original moniker of The Cinerama Theater. This post is the sequel and features The Martin’s pricey penthouse units that go for as much as $8,000 a month.

Before you dismiss that amount as crazy, remember the Rollin Street penthouse we told you about in February? The monthly rent for that unit was raised from $6,650 to $7,400. The penthouse units in that building go as high as $7,780. Well, both Rollin Street and The Martin are owned by Vulcan Real Estate.

Ok, let’s start with the model “penthouse” unit, which is “just” $6,400 a month, not including parking…

IMG 4429 The Martin 2: The $8,000 ApartmentIMG 4428 The Martin 2: The $8,000 Apartment

This two bedroom, two and a half bath with den home sprawls across 1,902 sq. ft. The living room, pictured above, is larger than your average studios, while the bedrooms are bigger than many living rooms in the city. The “den” could be a small bedroom.

The unit is not on the top floor, but The Martin markets this and 11 other apartments as “Penthouse” units because they feature higher quality appliances and finishes. Rather than Whirlpool appliances, for example, you get Kitchen Aid. The floor is lined with engineered hardwood floors, rather than laminate plank.

There is a ton of storage, including dual walk-in closets outfitted with California Closet systems.

IMG 4432 The Martin 2: The $8,000 Apartment

IMG 4431 The Martin 2: The $8,000 Apartment


IMG 4433 The Martin 2: The $8,000 Apartment IMG 4434 The Martin 2: The $8,000 Apartment

Now, let’s go up to the top floor and visit one of the true penthouse units. At 2,097 sq. ft., the unit is even bigger. It’s like living in a sprawling home outside the city, except the high-rise buildings across the street quickly remind you that you’re in the heart of the city.

On the top floor, you are also next door to some of The Martin’s many amenities, including a lounge with great views, a 24-hour fitness center, and small theater. It’s high-end living at an elevated price: $7,995 per month. If you want two parking spots, you will fork out another $400 a month.

IMG 4436 The Martin 2: The $8,000 Apartment IMG 4437 The Martin 2: The $8,000 Apartment IMG 4438 The Martin 2: The $8,000 Apartment IMG 4441 The Martin 2: The $8,000 Apartment IMG 4442 The Martin 2: The $8,000 Apartment

Vulcan Real Estate says two of the 12 penthouse units are already leased. So, if you’re interested and can afford one of these homes, contact them now. They’re offering one month’s free rent as a move-in special.

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  • Jim England

    Hey Bernard, I love your blog, but this statement isn’t true:

    “The monthly rent for that unit was raised from $6,650 to $7,400 and it still rented.”

    I live in 1107 and certainly isn’t 7400.

    Just makin’ sure you keep your facts straight. I’ve seen the Martin rooms and you’re spot on with the rest of it.

    Thanks for the awesome updates.


  • Bernard

    Hi Jim,
    Thanks very much for your feedback and sharing your situation. We heard back from Vulcan and we’ve updated the post. Basically, they say their penthouses at Rollin Street go up to $7,780/month.

    If you got the unit that we blogged about in February, congrats. That’s a really nice looking apartment. Better finishes than those at The Martin.