Meet Modernist Design

The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, ran a story this weekend, Meet modernist design, Vancouver’s new housing trend, where you could replace every instance of Vancouver with Seattle.

“There’s a new generation out there that’s kind of tired of the old Craftsman look,” says Paul Albrighton, a Realtor who specializes in modernist apartments, townhomes, and single-family houses. They’re not the quickest sell on the block, he says, but there is a definite market of new buyers. “A lot of them have been in condominiums as younger people and they are trying to continue with that. They like the clean lines.”

With the proliferation of modern homes and townhomes, at least in the Central District, this article seems spot on.

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  • phil

    Thankfully, most of the units being built around here are not using such dark siding materials.

    #2 looks like a standard 3 unit apartment building with some trendy siding slapped on it.

  • chad dierickx

    I’m getting sick of it. Would love to see someone build a right-sized traditional with a modern slant. Basically, a JAS Design-Build -type home that’s new construction. So sexy.