Paul Allen Sells Allan Island For $8m

This is pretty far from the city out in the San Juans, so it is far from urban, but none-the-less, it is interesting to note that Paul Allen has finally sold Allan island for $8m.

From Wikipedia:

Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen purchased the island in 1992. Allen originally intended to build a vacation home on Allan Island, until he bought a separate property in the San Juans in 1996 that he preferred instead. An attempt to sell Allan Island in 2005 for $25 million failed to attract buyers. Allen again tried to sell the island in 2011 for $13.5 million

Bought for what looks like $3.7m (1992), originally listed at $25m (2005), sold at $8m! Very curious to know who bought it…


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  • Jeremy

    When Paul Allan bought his “other property” in the San Juans in 1996, he forced a summer camp to close that had been there for over a hundred years. Camp Norwester on Lopez Island had generations of kids who loved their time on that property and was a special place. Too bad his greed for another vacation spot was at the expense of so many others.

  • Dora

    but give all the story. He traded for Johns island where the summer camp is now.