This Stretch of Capitol Hill Shows The Building Boom

The new year is expected to bring thousands of new apartment units to Seattle, continuing the apartment boom of the past two years. A stretch of 12th Ave on Capitol Hill shows this trend better than most.

On the way to tour the new Collins on Pine recently, I marveled at the construction that’s planned, underway or recently completed on 12th Ave between John and Pine Streets. There will be six new residential projects in that four-block stretch. Going from north to south, we begin with Sola 24, a 23-unit building at 109 12th Ave E.

IMG 4709 This Stretch of Capitol Hill Shows The Building Boom

Sola 24 at 109 12th Ave E.

Drawn up by Elemental Design, the building is supposed to “bring an affordable, low-carbon lifestyle to Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood,” according to the design firm’s website. The building’s structure, insulation, materials, and finishes will comply with Built Green 4-star ratings. There’s a cool Pinterest page that showcases architectural drawings and some of the building materials and fixtures.

A block to the south, at 1806 12th Ave, a complex is set to extend the “micro-housing” trend. According to the Department of Planning and Development, the five-story complex will feature 39 “micros” or sleeping rooms.

IMG 4714 This Stretch of Capitol Hill Shows The Building Boom

Micro-housing at 1806 12th Ave

Another micro-housing project is springing up a block to the south at 1728 12th Ave. Replacing what used to the Capitol Hill market, this project is slated to deliver 39 micros or sleeping rooms.

IMG 4717 This Stretch of Capitol Hill Shows The Building Boom

Site of the old Capitol Hill Market, 1728 12th Ave

If you look to the right of the above picture, you might be able to see the white poster hanging on the storefront. It announces a proposed five-story structure with nine residential units above office space. The address is 1720 12th Ave.

Across the street, the “1711 Apartments” were recently completed and are now available for lease. The building features 37 “well-designed urban apartments” that come with stainless steel appliances and “designer finishing touches”, according to the project’s website.

IMG 4719 This Stretch of Capitol Hill Shows The Building Boom

1711 Apartments at, you guessed it, 1711 12th Ave

Finally, at 12th and Pine, we have “12th Ave Arts“, a truly mixed-use development that will feature 88 apartments, space for retail and community meetings, two theaters and offices for non-profit organizations.

Built on a former parking lot for the Seattle Police Department, 12th Ave Arts is the brain child of Capitol Hill Housing, a public organization that seeks to provide affordable housing for low and moderate-income residents.

IMG 4720 This Stretch of Capitol Hill Shows The Building Boom

12th Ave Arts at the corner of 12th and Pine

12th Ave Arts This Stretch of Capitol Hill Shows The Building Boom

Rendering of 12th Ave Arts

12th Ave Arts is slated to open later this year, as are most of the buildings featured above. When completed, the hundreds of new apartments will bring even more density and energy to Capitol Hill. I look forward to seeing this stretch of the city in a few years…

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