Stylish Eastlake Houseboat

There’s an adorable 950 square foot houseboat for sale on Eastlake. It’s currently listed at $525k. It may be a little pricey for size, but it had me at the Moby Dick door knocker.

It’s located at 2025 Fairview Ave E, Unit RThis 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom sits on a corner lot and features a rooftop deck plus a smaller deck on the main floor. Bright walls and white wood ceilings add to its charm. There’s no parking, which is a bummer, but that’s #HouseBoatLife.

If a unique living experience trumps convenience and space on your priority list then this floating abode may definitely be worth checking out.

2025 Fairview Ave E, Unit R, Exterior2025 Fairview Ave E, Unit R, Deck

2025 Fairview Ave E, Unit R, interior2025 Fairview Ave E, Unit R, kitchen2025 Fairview Ave E, Unit R, bedroom2025 Fairview Ave E, Unit R, bathroom

About Kenzie Rosengreen

Kenzie Rosengreen received her B.A. in communications with an emphasis in Journalism from Santa Clara University, where she developed her love for writing. Her favorite past time is traveling and crashing in unique accommodations like vintage sailboats & geodesic domes. Her dream home is a tree house with shabby chic interior and white wood flooring, but she'd settle for a houseboat on Lake Union.

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