Preservation of Capitol Hill’s Character

Former BMW dealership site; photo courtesy of Capitol Hill Seattle Blog.

Capitol Hill is basically one very large construction site with 20+ new urban mixed-use and multifamily developments under construction. Even so, the demand continues to outpace the current and planned apartment supply. Capitol Hill is where every developer wants to be from an investment standpoint- but what will the neighborhood look like once the building boom slows down?

Do you live or hangout in the neighborhood? What’s your take on the new developments and architectural designs?

The Seattle Architecture Foundation (“SAF”) holds their Design in Depth Lecture series every second Tuesday of each month. In April, SAF’s lecture will be on the re-invention of Capitol Hill and development strategies that can help maintain the neighborhood’s character. The line-up is impressive. Speakers include Michael Oaksmith of Hunter’s Capital, Jeff Reibman of Weber Thompson, Michael Sullivan of Artifacts, Inc., Chuck Wolfe a land use attorney, Lyle Bicknell of Seattle Department of Planning & Department, Sharon Coleman of Vulcan Inc., Jim Goodspeed of Goodspeed Architecture, and Leonard Garfield of MoHAI. The lecture is at 6:30PM, April 8 at the Broadway Performance Hall. Get your tickets here.

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  • What’s your take on the new developments and architectural designs?

    They’re great! It would be nice if the city allowed taller buildings, however, since that would get more units in a smaller footprint and thus lower prices.

  • Leon

    Character? What character?

    What ever character Captiol Hill had was bulldozed years ago and replaced by overpriced cookie-cutter condos and chain stores.

    The “development” going on around Seattle is crushing whatever soul the place once had, rendering it into little more than a rainy version of some generic suburb in the midwest.