Coming Soon: Piecora Apartments

While we love progress we are sad to hear that Piecora’s has been sold for $10.3m to make room for apartments.

I’m assuming they made more on the sale of the building than making pizza…

Piecora’s was bought by Equity Residential who is a massive apartment owner and already owns two Capitol Hill apartments, The Heights, Rianna Apartments and Three20 Apartments. So don’t hold your breath for some cutting edge apartment building…





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  • suburban_war

    I wish they’d stop using that rendering for Three20 –it looks a lot better than the actual finished product. Equity builds junk buildings and charge premium prices for them. The one thing they do pretty well is rooftop decks, the one at The Heights on Capitol Hill is lovely, full of container gardens and with a fantastic view.

  • Joe Wolf

    Their work here has improved over time, so there’s that. (Disclosure: I live at Chloe and was a regular at Piecora.