Judkins Six By Playhouse Design

Greenbuild Development and Playhouse Design Group have teamed up to build six freestanding homes by Judkins Park. Here’s unit A at 721 Martin Luther King Jr Way S. $529,950 for 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, 1,955 square feet.

721 Martin Luther King Jr Way S - Exterior

721 Martin Luther King Jr Way S - Kithen

721 Martin Luther King Jr Way S - Living

721 Martin Luther King Jr Way S - Bathroom

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  • Guy

    They should have name these “Hello Neighbor! 6”. Symmetry is your enemy in tight quarters when it comes to window placement.

  • guest

    Chris Rock – “You know what’s sad? Martin Luther King stood for non violence. And I
    don’t care where you are in America, if you’re on Martin Luther King
    Boulevard, there’s some violence going down.”
    that is going to be tough to get over for selling these i would imagine

  • Steven Lazen

    Why can’t new construction homes have plans in listings! Get on it real estate agents!

  • Larry Wilcynski

    Hey Steven! We can upload images of the plans as photos to the MLS but the size makes it prohibitive to see the details clearly. We have scans of the plans on our website which admittedly not perfect either – http://www.JukinsSix.com. If you message me, I can email you a larger set.

  • Larry Wilcynski

    oops, that would be http://www.judkinssix.com

  • Steven Lazen

    I am not interested in this project as a buyer- just as an architect and browser. I am also from NY and every single listing has plans. They seemed to have figured it out!