Vik Ballard Pricing Now Available

vik ballard Vik Ballard Pricing Now Available

Vik Ballard sent out a note that pricing is now available at their sales center:

It’s time to start making a decision about what home at Vik Ballard Condominiums is right for you. Visit our sales office at 1718 NW Market Street in the heart of Ballard where pricing for each home is now available.

Now it is a pet peeve of ours when condo sales people do this. Why not just put the prices online?

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Matt , Urbnlivn's publisher, has a love for lofts with industrial features and new construction condos that is only eclipsed by his passion for outdoor sports and urban living. Phrases such as “polished concrete” and “exposed brick” are music to his ears. You can also find Matt on Twitter or skiing.

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