Wedgwood 5-Star Built Green

I swung by the modern home that just went up in Wedgwood at 8245 41st Ave NE this afternoon.

I have to say, I see a lot of new construction, and this one is definitely well done and well marketed. And Wedgwood is really growing on me after helping someone buy a townhome on 35th Ave NE close to 75th St.

Priced at $1,049,950 this five-star Built Green home is 2,500 square feet (this includes the heated garage) with five bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms on a 5,664 square foot lot.

For the Seattle-area techies you can geek out on all the stats sprinkled through the home:

  • Energy use: 21.2kBTU/(ft2yr) versus 35-50 for a typical house
  • Insulation r-value wall: 29 versus the 21 required for code
  • Insulation r-value ceilings: 52 versus the 37 required for code
  • Solar array: 4995 kW hr/year
  • ACH blower door: 1.8 versus 5.0 for a typical house

Listing provided courtesy of Fiore Pignataro, Windermere.










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