Two More Apartment Buildings Sold, $44M

Seattle Times reports that two Queen Anne apartment buildings (Sweetbriar and Eden Hill) sold for $44M. Taking into account the sales of Moda and Legacy at Pratt Park, that’s four newer apartment buildings – sold in three transactions – in less than a month. From the Seattle Times article: One of Queen Anne Hill’s larger… Read More

Belltown’s Moda Apts Sells for $45.5M

According to the PSBJ, Equity Residential just purchased Moda Apartments in Belltown, adding to their Seattle portfolio which includes Centennial Tower and Harbor Steps: Moda, which is located at 2312 Third Ave. in Seattle, started out as a condominium project back in the housing boom. The project featured small units at more affordable prices than… Read More

Moda Repossessed?

Hideous Belltown has a curious story about Moda, The Moda’s Hilarious and Hazardous Predicament: I received an email from tipster Chad on Friday. He detailed an outlandish story: he was walking by the Moda Apartments on 3rd, between Bell & Battery and saw some rather large men scaling the side of the building on tall… Read More

Moda Now Renting

Ashely points out that rentals from Moda are now available on Seattle Rentals. Call me crazy but these units are ridiculous. Who would want a 2 bedroom/1 bath unit that is 530 to 631 square feet for $1925 to $2175 per month? That’s insane.

Moda Goes Apartments – What Happened To The Buyer?

Seattle PI reports Project’s developers make switch from condos to rental apartments. How does Moda go from 15% of units falling through to so many falling through that they need to go rental? Was the building way more investors than actual home buyers? Or was it mainly first time home buyers who were putting 0%… Read More

Moda Sold Out No Longer – 15% Fell Through

Remember Moda in Belltown and how it sold out the first weekend it went on sale in September 2006? It even had a long wait list because so many folks either couldn’t afford a regular sized condo or wanted their own pied-a-terre? Well, no longer! There are now five Moda units on the MLS. Ranging… Read More

Moda let’s us know who is interested

Last week Moda sent out an e-mail and in doing so they revealed who is all on their mailing list. Mike blogs about it here, Moda Condos: How To Piss Off 1086 People With 1 Click: I had filled out a form several weeks ago at the Moda website indicating I was interested in some… Read More

Moda sold out

I finally got around to going to see Moda’s sales office this week and turns out they’re 100% sold out. In fact they sold 85% the first day. Sold out Hosted on Zooomr If you’re still interested they’ll put you on a waiting list because the project isn’t going to finish until mid 2008 and… Read More

Ben’s update on Moda

I’m tired of the Moda hype already but for those of you anxious to secure your 300 sq feet condo lotto ticket (and are moving out of your 1200 sq ft rental to do so) here’s the bad news from Ben: Officially, sales began at 11 AM this morning for the 251 units, though several… Read More

Wendy on Moda

Wendy has a post on Moda, Small, smaller, smallest! if you’re interested in Seattle’s smallest condo project. Moda condominium will be having its priority purchase event for pre-registered home buyers between September 13th thru September 22nd from 11AM to 6:00PM. During the event, home buyers will have a chance to tour three full-sized, furnished units… Read More

Wait, the artists can live here!

The Seattle PI has an article entitled, 296 square feet — but it’s home, that is about the small units at Moda, that new Belltown development. Park two of GMC’s biggest Sierra pickups next to each other. That’s a lot of truck, but a small condominium — at least by Seattle standards. But a local… Read More