Schnitzer Unloads Equinox for $65 million

While I was downhill mountain biking at Whistler last week the Times reported that Schnitzer [sold] two big properties for more than $300M. One of them being failed condo project Equinox which converted to apartments just a year ago: Schnitzer got another $65 million for Equinox, a recently completed 204-unit apartment building in Seattle’s Eastlake… Read More

Equinox on Eastlake Goes Apartments

The last week has been very busy at work getting ready for our all hands meeting which was on Friday, so I missed the news that Equinox on Eastlake has gone apartments. I think I know one Urbnlivn reader who will be quite happy to get their deposit back.

Windermere Onsite Out at Gallery & Equinox

Looks like Schnitzer West is switching to their own brokerage instead of using Windermere Onsite to finish sales off at Gallery & Equinox. The Gallery announcement: We proudly announce that Schnitzer West’s brokerage is now Brix’s listing agent. Community Sales Representatives Larry Ahrens and Kristi Dilts will be available to assist you beginning Wednesday, April… Read More

The Stranger Looks at Schnitzer

This week The Stranger takes a look at look developer Schnitzer, Schnitzer Hits the Fan – Developer Took Big Risks at the Worst Possible Time. Schnitzer’s construction crews are finishing hundreds of new condos and scads of office space just as the real-estate market is bottoming out. Yes, they are striking out: Gallery (

Equinox Virtual Tour

The Equinox newsletter today points us to their new virtual tour. They actually have three. The first (labeled “Virtual Tour” is very lame. They took some photos, panned and zoomed the photos and added music. The second and third (“Home Tour” and “Amenities”) were okay. What do you think? Good spend of their marketing dollars… Read More

Equinox: What’s Included?

A concerned buyer has emailed in the following based on their experience with Equinox. It raises a number of good questions about what you can expect based on your purchase and sale and what you can’t. Do any other readers have similar stories to share? — I purchased a unit at Equinox Condos in Eastlake… Read More

Seattle Condo Pipeline to Dry Up!

Equinox and Gallery forwarded the PSBJ article on the Seattle condo pipeline drying up [pdf] to subscribers of their mailing list yesterday. It’s always a great time to buyTM.

Wasabi Bistro to Open In Equinox?

I heard a rumor that the Wasabi Bistro folks will be one of the commercial tenants at Equinox. That’d certainly be a win for the Eastlake neighborhood. Update: This is confirmed by the Equinox community sales manager who says, “Yes that appears to be true.”

Sunday Seattle Times – Move in now!

Alrighty, no more buying the paper on Super Bowl weekend. Here’s the re-cap of ads in this past weekend’s Sunday Seattle Times: 1 Hotel Residences: Grand opening coming soon. Now selling. Occupancy 2010. It’s a lifestyle many desire but only a fortunate few will call their own. 1521: Occupancy 2008. Final purchase opportunity happening now…. Read More

MLS Watch – 2 weeks of new construction updates

2200 25 Bellagio Added 3 more units to the MLS for a total of 4. Their HOAs feel really low at $0.26/square foot. Cosmo 28 Decatur Decatur recently dropped prices on a number of units between $3k and $10k. Though oddly raised the price of #1306 $3k to $302,950 and #1007 $5k to $465,960 Equinox… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times – Kinda slow

Curious as to which downtown projects were advertising at the end of summer as the mortgage market implodes I picked up a Sunday Seattle Times. Here’s who is advertising and what their ads are saying: 1 Hotel – Sales debut September 2007 Carbon 56 – 50% sold. Summer Special: No Home Owner Dues for One… Read More

Condo Expo: Sales #’s updates

I went to the Expo today. Here’s an update on sales numbers. 1 – 143 reservations for 208 units 1521 – 131 of 141 units sold Brix – 68 of 141 units sold Domaine – 10 of 92 units sold. I heard a rumor they took all the units off the market but they haven’t…. Read More

Condo happenings this weekend

Brix Brix is unveiling their new full size model unit today from 6-8pm. I stopped by yesterday to see it and it looks good. I’m mostly puzzled why for $495,000 I can buy a two story 917 square foot loft there but can only buy a 761 square foot view unit at Trace. It’s too… Read More

MLS Watch

2200 More new listings, more price reductions. One for $20k. My search shows 31 active listings. I’m sure there’s more on Craigslist either as rentals or FSBO. My favorite new listing is this $731/sq ft studio, 900 Lenora St #W702. Check out the nice view that is about to go away :). Bagley Lofts Unit… Read More

Buying at Equinox or Leona tomorrow?

Tomorrow marks the first opportunity to buy at either Equinox or Leona. If you’re buying let us know how it goes! We’d love to hear what unit you reserved and why, we’d also love to hear about how the sales are going. For those interested in Equinox they made their ‘private’ website public today. You… Read More

Thoughts on Equinox from a reader

Matt: I still haven’t got to Equinox yet, but a a reader has and their comments are below. I have also heard (but not confirmed) from someone else that a number of units are being reserved for Windermere and the developer’s friends and family. I’m sure this is common practice but I really liked that… Read More

Sunday Seattle Times

It’s been a while since I posted about the ads in the Sunday Seattle Times. Here’s a quick look at who’s advertising. You’ll notice only one Williams Marketing project on the list. Oddly last week the ran ads for Olive 8, Fini, Leona, 5th and Madison, Mosler, Meritage and Eastlake Lofts but this week they… Read More

Equinox purchase information

Here is the Equinox pre-sale information that I just received via e-mail. Hurry before it goes on sale to the public!! This is your OPPORTUNITY to purchase a new home at Equinox – all prior to the public sales event in April 2007. At Equinox, we’re proud to offer you a customer-focused sales process. Simply… Read More