The Marlborough Flipped in a Year For Double

From the Seattle Times, Vintage apartment building on First Hill sells at a premium. The Marlborough, an apartment, that almost converted to condos, but went bankrupt, was then bought for $12.75m in September 2010, fixed and leased up. It just sold for $26.7m. Nice work Trinity Real Estate of Seattle and Helix Funds on the… Read More

Seattle’s Newer Apartments Are Leasing Up

I can’t believe it has been 3 months since I last checked in with Seattle’s new construction apartments that are in lease-up mode! Summer happened, I suppose. Regardless, following is the latest from the leasing front: LINK Apartments – 4550 38th Avenue SW (map) “Going, going, nearly gone” is the word at LINK apartments in… Read More

Leasing Up: 3 Left at Marlborough, The Station Has Incentives

After touching base with Legacy at Pratt Park, it seemed like a good time to check in with the various Seattle apartments that are currently in lease-up mode. The Marlborough – 1220 Boren Avenue (map) The big news is the Marlborough. This apartment building on First Hill quietly started leasing in January of this year… Read More

Lofts, Flats, and Apartments for Rent

There’s been all this talk about apartment projects getting started, but those properties won’t be rent-ready for a year or two – so here’s a sampling of what’s available now. And it’s about time since the last time we did a roundup on rentals was over a year ago. First, the bad news. One of… Read More

Marlborough Now Renting

You were wondering what was up at the Marlborough last December when you spotted exterior renovations, and now – if you want to live in a renovated bit of Seattle heritage – apartments are available to rent. In the midst of final touches (some of which are still in progress), the leasing office opened its… Read More

Marlborough Bought For $13m, What’s Up Now?

A reader wonders what is up with the Marlborough? After a big launch party touting Live Historic’s conversion of the project to condos, reverting back to apartments after poor sales, it was foreclosed upon in February 2009 for defaulting on $19 million in debt to Chinatrust Bank, to be bought back for $18 million in… Read More

Marlborough and Domaine Sold At Auction

Aubrey must have a subscription to the DJC since he’s picked up on the DJC story and blogged that the 82 unit Marlborough sold at auction for $18 million (which is $315/sq. ft. if we believe the county that they have 57,000 square feet) and 91 unit Domaine for $19.5 million (which is $229/sq. ft…. Read More

Live Historic Project Back to Apartments

Jim has the scoop that Live Historic’s Marlborough project is no longer a condo conversion based on poor sales. Oh well, it will make nice apartments too. See photos from my visit earlier this year. Which Live Historic project will go back to apartments next? De Lorges? Their new Fremont project The Dayton?

Tour of the Marlborough

This afternoon I toured the Marlborough with Kate Miller, from the Fearey Group, and Ben Rankin, principal at Pioneer Property Group. Here are my notes: Lobby has original marble and limestone flooring They’ve updated the wiring and plumbing The units are heated with radiators using Seattle Steam. I asked about whether they’d be noisy and… Read More

Party at The Marlborough

The Marlborough, a Live Historic conversion on First Hill at 1220 Boren, is having a party this Wednesday at 5:30 PM. Studios plus 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms from $225,000 to $1,650,000. 516 to 2,184 square feet.