Peek Inside Rollin Street

Apartment Therapy has a tour of a Rollin Street apartment, Mark’s Urban Architect’s Loft in Seattle. We met Mark a few years ago at an Urbnlivn meetup on Eastlake. Mark’s both an architect and the owner of the Capitol Hill bar, the Pony. Looks good Mark!

When $6,650 a Month in Rent is Too Low….

When do you know the Seattle rental market is red hot? When $6,650 a month in rent is not high enough. Last Thursday, we blogged about a penthouse unit that opened up at the Rollin Street Flats in South Lake Union. The two-bedroom apartment was listed for $6,650 per month. We suggested that if you… Read More

Penthouse at Rollin Street Available for Rent

Want to live the high life in South Lake Union? This is probably one of the best options: a contemporary two-bedroom apartment at the top of the Rollin Street Flats now renting for $6,650/mo. If you’re interested, you should hurry. The leasing agent I talked to said a unit down the hall rented recently in… Read More

Lofts For Rent Around Seattle

I started out writing about the Monterey Lofts unit that is available for rent (looks to be an interesting space in the LEED Silver certified building) but really, there are more lofts for rent out there than I expected so thought I’d list a few. What you will find below is a mix of lofts… Read More

Lofts, Flats, and Apartments for Rent

There’s been all this talk about apartment projects getting started, but those properties won’t be rent-ready for a year or two – so here’s a sampling of what’s available now. And it’s about time since the last time we did a roundup on rentals was over a year ago. First, the bad news. One of… Read More

Enso Closings Begin; Rollin 90% Rented

Enso is starting closing on homes today with move-ins starting tomorrow. They report having had 13 sales per month over the last six months. Rollin Street is 90% leased. Click more for the full release. Read the comments for a list of units that have closed and their price points.

Checking In On SLU – Both Veer + Enso Dropping Prices

Last week I got an email from Veer Lofts about lower prices: #317 – $270,000 – Deck, Needle view #403 – $280,000 – Deck, City view #606 – $465,000 – Deck, two patios, lake Union, city views #607 – $440,000 – Corner unit, deck, patio, Lake UNion, city view #617 – $395,000 – Deck, patio,… Read More

With Pre Sales At 25%, Rollin Street Going Apartments

Just had this forwarded to me. Here’s the email from Vulcan to people who had signed purchase and sale agreements for Rollin Street, a 197 unit project, at Denny and Westlake. Here’s an old fact sheet [pdf] since they’re taken down their website. Dear [homeowner], As you know, we have been exploring how the financing… Read More

Latest on Rollin Street Delays

Here’s the latest on the Rollin Street delays: When we last contacted you about Rollin Street’s closing delay, we promised an update within 3 weeks. Since then, we have continued to work to understand how the new Fannie Mae pre-sale guidelines will ultimately affect the property and our buyers. We would like to thank you… Read More

Rollin Street Closing Date Pushed Back

Got this forwarded to me. Sorry for not posting earlier. We were busy releasing a new version Redfin where we show all our agents deals & reviews. Hello – With the completion of Rollin Street quickly approaching, we wanted to give you an update on the project’s status. As you may know, new restrictions to… Read More

Rollin Street Photos & Tour

I recently toured Rollin Street. Again, no photos from me since Vulcan like 1521 prohibits photography. Though Vulcan did share these photos: Sounds like Rollin has about 52 signed purchase and sales for 208 units. They’re expecting their temporary certificate of occupancy in the first week of March, so buyers if they can get financing… Read More

Veer Emails About Reduced Pricing

Veer Lofts recently sent an email trying to stir up a few end of year sales: There has never been a better time to move to Veer Lofts. Prices have been reduced on many units, with some starting in the low $300’s. Interest rates are historically low with current rates under 5 percent. And, with… Read More

MLS Watch: Lofts, Big Reductions

1310 E Union #202 is down to $800,000. 2200 Someone sent me a photo of a notice of default for a 2200 unit. Belltown Lofts Need a 790 square foot modern space with commercial kitchen? Check out 66 Bell St #4 for $300,000. Avalon Need a cozy small space in Lower Queen Anne? Check out… Read More

Free Vespas, Trip to Norway, Free Closing Costs…

Before taking off for the long weekend I missed this PSBJ article on condo incentives, Seattle condo developers try luring buyers with discounts, vacations and cars: “There has definitely been a slowdown in condo sales at all projects in Seattle,” said Mason Curran, who declined to release Vulcan’s pre-sale figures. Their pre-sale figures as of… Read More

SLU prices raising?

Ben and Ashley (I guess Vulcan doesn’t like me anymore. Sad, I like getting press releases from developer’s marketing companies) let us know that as of August 1st the South Lake Union projects (Enso, Rollin and Veer) will begin holding back inventory and raising prices. It’s basic econ 101. Decrease supply and prices will go… Read More

Condo Expo: Sales #’s updates

I went to the Expo today. Here’s an update on sales numbers. 1 – 143 reservations for 208 units 1521 – 131 of 141 units sold Brix – 68 of 141 units sold Domaine – 10 of 92 units sold. I heard a rumor they took all the units off the market but they haven’t…. Read More

MLS Watch

Sorry for the slow posting, work is killing me. 2200 vs. Cosmo 36 vs. 65. It’s also interesting to note that there are 4 new listings at 2200 listed by John L Scott’s Jon Hunter who is working for Vulcan on Enso/Rollin/Veer. The listings all look curiously the same. Are these Vulcan owned units that… Read More

Rollin Street on sale

I got an e-mail reminder that today is my Rollin Street purchase and sale appointment. Again, it really snuck up on me! Has anyone else gone to their appointment? Did you purchase? How are sales going? If you didn’t use your appointment, why not?

Sunday Seattle Times

It’s been a while since I posted about the ads in the Sunday Seattle Times. Here’s a quick look at who’s advertising. You’ll notice only one Williams Marketing project on the list. Oddly last week the ran ads for Olive 8, Fini, Leona, 5th and Madison, Mosler, Meritage and Eastlake Lofts but this week they… Read More

Enso and Rollin Street update

Vulcan sent out this update on Enso and Rollin today. Are people still excited about either developments? I didn’t think there was much interest in Veer and boy was I wrong. Will Enso or Rollin surprise me too? Are any of you planning on purchasing a unit? Later tonight I’ll post my favorite units in… Read More