Marlborough and Domaine Sold At Auction

Aubrey must have a subscription to the DJC since he’s picked up on the DJC story and blogged that the 82 unit Marlborough sold at auction for $18 million (which is $315/sq. ft. if we believe the county that they have 57,000 square feet) and 91 unit Domaine for $19.5 million (which is $229/sq. ft…. Read More

Domaine Heads to Foreclosure, Veer Lowering Prices…

Domaine Foreclosure The Daily Journal of Commerce has the news that, Trustee’s sale is set for Intracorp condo project. That project is Domaine. Looks like Ben has a subscription and has the full details in, Domaine development to be auctioned: The article states a limited liability company affiliated with Intracorp is in default on a… Read More

Sunday Seattle Times – Move in now!

Alrighty, no more buying the paper on Super Bowl weekend. Here’s the re-cap of ads in this past weekend’s Sunday Seattle Times: 1 Hotel Residences: Grand opening coming soon. Now selling. Occupancy 2010. It’s a lifestyle many desire but only a fortunate few will call their own. 1521: Occupancy 2008. Final purchase opportunity happening now…. Read More

Intracorp now trying to dump Domaine

From the this-will-teach-me-to-read-the- news-at-night-instead-of-the-morning-department: Just a week after dumping Expo 62 (Seattle PI article on it for a different spin) The DJC reports that Intracorp is now trying to dump the 91 unit and ill situated Domaine. From the broker’s site: Moran & Company is pleased to announce that it has been retained as the… Read More

Delays at 5th and Madison and Domaine

A reader writes in with reports on delays at 5th and Madison: Move-in delays at 5th & Mad. What a surprise! But, Williams Marketing is now saying, “We will give you, the buyers, daily updates via emails.” (emphasis added). Let’s see if they live up to that promise. But I bet your site has something… Read More

Condo Expo: Sales #’s updates

I went to the Expo today. Here’s an update on sales numbers. 1 – 143 reservations for 208 units 1521 – 131 of 141 units sold Brix – 68 of 141 units sold Domaine – 10 of 92 units sold. I heard a rumor they took all the units off the market but they haven’t…. Read More

NY Times On Glut of Condos

This past weekend the New York Times reports, Buyers Scarce, Many Condos Are for Rent: After six weeks of failing to lure more than a couple of dozen buyers, Mr. Franco and his partner, Jeff Blum, joined the builders of nearly 6,000 condominium units in the Washington metropolitan area who have decided in the last… Read More

FatReport – Hot or not?

People have been chatting about The FatReport in the comments, so it’s time to start blogging about what they’re publishing. Selling well Here are some projects that have been selling well. Cosmo – 239 of 250 units sold Meritage – 46 of 48 units sold Mosler – 136 of 150 units sold Parc – 136… Read More

Domaine Photos

Before leaving on vacation I stopped by the Domaine sales center to snap a few photos: Domaine Model Hosted on Zooomr Domaine Kitchen Hosted on Zooomr Domaine Kitchen Detail Hosted on Zooomr Domaine Bathroom Hosted on Zooomr Domaine Finishes Hosted on Zooomr I’ll have to dig up my notes but overall I was fairly impressed… Read More

Domaine Incentives

There are a number of incentives if you’re looking to purchase at Domaine: Flat screen TV Seller funded interest rate buy down, which keeps your payment significantly lower the first few years. First year of seller paid HOA dues, also keeps your monthly expenses lower.

Domaine Now Selling

Domaine is now selling. Sales center is at 1606 8th Avenue North (off of Westlake Avenue North).

Domaine Preview

One of our readers, Tom, attended the Domaine pre-sales event last night and wrote in about the experience: I went to the Domaine presale event last night with my wife and thought it was simply OK. They did have a full-scale model of their lot and buildings, building/unit location maps encompasing the walls, and a… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times

5th and Madison: ‘Grand opening weekend!!!’ (open daily, 11am to 6pm, 900 Fourth Ave, 27th floor, 206-624-7640) Bagley Lofts: ‘Move in today!’ Bolero: ’45 sold in 5 weeks.’ Up 10 from last week’s ad. Cosmo: ‘Our penthouses at everybody elses mid level prices.’They also decided to un-rotate their ad making it much easier to read…. Read More

Domaine elevations

Looks like Domaine has released some elevations: This is the view facing Lake Union. I also updated the list with a few more details, it’s going to be 92 units, priced between $300,000 and $800,000, and will be ready spring 2007.

Added: Domaine

Also drove by Domaine today on HWY-99/Aurora. It’s on Queen Anne overlooking Lake Union and is a flats/townhome development. I don’t know much more than that though.

Seattle Times Sunday

I bought the Seattle Times today to see what new info I could glean from the tens of thousands the marketers are spending on their newspaper spends: Cosmo: Looks like they have just the penthouses left. Can you afford ‘The privilege of life at the top’? Only $970,000 to $1,900,000. But don’t worry you get… Read More