Outdoor Couches – Ohana Collection Review

Last year we moved to a floating home with a killer roof deck and wanted to get an outdoor couch. We looked at couches from Costco, Crate and Barrel, Room and Board, DWR, West Elm and more. Generally shocked at the prices we found a great deal at Amazon for Ohana Furniture, a Portland, Oregon… Read More

A $30K Wood Bathtub, Corian, & Other Seattle Home Show Stars*

The thing about the Seattle Home Show is that amid the familiar names and brands that showcase their products every year, I always find new (at least to me) and unique offerings. While organizers of this weekend’s show at the CenturyLink Field Event Center highlighted the high-tech such as Wi-Fi enabled grills and spas, the… Read More

Size Doesn’t Matter When It Comes to Cool…

Several Seattle residents are showing the Internet that you don’t need a lot of square footage to live in  a wonderful home. They’re sharing photos and tips – such as buying double-duty furniture – for outfitting a small space that is every bit as cool as their more well-endowed neighbors. The residents entered Apartment Therapy’s… Read More

Post Porn

Don’t worry. This material is suitable for work. We just wanted to share some eye candy from The Post, a new apartment building down in Pioneer Square. We took a VIP tour and reviewed the 208-unit complex last year when construction crews were still wrapping up their work. While we could see the potential then,… Read More

Cool Automated Toilet, Solar Panel Trends & Other Seattle Home Show Highlights

How would you like a toilet that automatically lifts its lid as you walk up, plays music, features a heated seat, a bidet and an air dryer? The stylish Kohler Numi toilet was one of the interesting sights we found Saturday at the Seattle Home Show at CenturyLink Field Events Center. (Details below on how… Read More

NW Woodworker’s Gallery Hosts Furniture Exhibition

  Northwest Woodworkers’ Gallery tipped us off to their upcoming show, SoulCraft – a group exhibition of their members’ new studio furniture designs.  If you’re interested in moving away from the usual home furnishings suspects and investing in custom pieces suited specifically to your condo or house, I recommend checking it out.  Expertly crafted offerings… Read More

New Furniture Line @ Cafe Vita Pop Up

I know, I said I had only one shopping tip this year. I lied. Mostly that’s because I just stumbled across Brackish, a brand new furniture line that is launching its freshly welded and sanded wares at Cafe Vita’s Pop Up on Capitol Hill this weekend. If you are in the neighborhood on Sunday between… Read More

Salvaged Finds in Seattle

Dang! For a while now, we’ve been wanting to write about the curious vintage finds you can score at Kirk Albert but Team Diva has totally beaten us to it. And they upped the ante by listing more places for salvaged finds for your home. I’ve never even heard of Earthwise Architectural Salvage before and… Read More

Disgruntled BoConcept Sofa Buyer

We also have a disgruntled BoConcept sofa buyer in the comments: What a disappointing experience. I just spent $2000+ on a Terni sofa. I thought it looked cool and chic in the store room. But, just days after use, I’m stuck with a sofa that looks like it just did hard duty in some frat… Read More

Seattle Lighting Suggestions?

A reader wrote in wondering about modern lighting suggestions. I haven’t found any stores I love for lighting in the city. I checked out the usuals to furnish my place with the following: CB2 Tripod Artemide Tizio Used metal pendant light that I had refurb’d at Harold’s Lighting Ikea Kramare Ikea Grono Ikea Fado Unknown… Read More

BoConcept Party Thursday Night 7-10pm

Thursday, September 25th, 7-10PM. 901 Western Ave. RSVP: rsvp@seattlemet.com. See the photos from my showroom visit. I might be there. My friends want to go get drunk at the Attic (its keep your stein Thursdays) at 7 so I’m conflicted.

Craigslist Finds

Waiting for someone to pick some of my Craigslist crap I thought I’d see what else is for sale: Eames LCM chair. This me, I bought one too many :). It’s $450. Black Eames Lounger – $2800. Ad says list is $4500 but it’s only $3600 on Room and Board Vintage Eames LCW chairs –… Read More

Window Coverings. I Like Solar Shades

The Seattle Times has a rather humorous article on a window covering battle in Queen Anne, Women block windows to keep peering neighbors out: They waged a fierce battle involving spotlights, construction paper and crude signs, but in the end roommates Sophie Parker and Karen Linebarger bowed to the realities of city living and tinted… Read More

Going Crazy Furnishing

I haven’t blogged much this past week because I’m stressed out over my condo. Yes, I’ve been living here only a few months shy of a year but I’ve been living in a state of disarray that I’m finally trying to wrangle so I can actually enjoy the place. Unfortunately this is an agonizing process… Read More

Modern Gas Fireplace – No Hookup Required!

Megan sent me a PR blurb about an interesting modern gas fireplace that doesn’t require a hookup making it ideal for condo owners. It’s the EcoSmart. From her email: The Eco Smart Fireplace runs on renewable corn-based ethanol, which can be purchased by the can at any paint or hardware store – meaning that there… Read More

Have a Studio and a Tall Ceiling?

The Sellius blog tipped me off to an interesting solution for those living in smaller spaces with tall ceilings. Here’s a picture of the Bedup. Basically a bed you lower from the ceiling. Starting at 2800 Euros. Bonus link: Downtown Bellevue condos beckon to younger crowd