Four Years Later Canal Station North Sells Out

A little over four years after Canal Station North went on sale TeamBuilder and Rennie Marketing have announced they’ve sold the last unit (of 278!) They note in their email that this will be a well sought after address well into the future. In fact there are only 5 resales right now. Though the longest… Read More

Canal Station North, 12 Sales in October, $9k Buyer Bonus

Update from Canal: Canal Station North continues to have great sales success. We had 12 sales in the month of October alone! With over 85% of our homes sold and occupied you can rest assured you are buying into one of the most successful condominium communities in Seattle. Here’s a sample of the amazing value… Read More

Canal: No Auction Required!

Ballard’s Canal project made my smile recently: NO AUCTION NEEDED! Dear Mr. Goyer, Come to Canal Station and experience a calm buying environment unlike the chaotic auction frenzy of other condominium communities in Seattle. We’ve been selling steadily with over 80% of our homes sold and occupied; therefore not needing to resort to auctions to… Read More

Canal New Pricing Coming

Better hurry Canal is either raising or lowering prices. It’s unclear. What is clear is that you can get in BEFORE THE PUBLIC FINDS OUT. As a VIP of Canal Station, we wanted you to know about (and have a chance to get in) prior to going public with incredible new pricing on select homes… Read More

Seattle PI on seller incentives

The Seattle PI has an article today about the lengths sellers are going to, Home sellers trying it all to hook choosy buyers: Jennifer Nilssen wants to sell her Ballard condominium — fast. She set her asking price about $20,000 below that of comparable condos in her building. She’s offering to finance 10 percent of… Read More

Canal Station units held back?

Today I got this note from a reader, I don’t know if you heard but Canal station has stopped selling units. It has about 30 units left and the developer decided to hold them unit January 08. Apparently they were selling so well and fast that they thought why not keep them and sell them… Read More

Canal Station details

Here are the details on Canal Station phase 2 if you’re looking for new construction in Ballard. I also hear that the interiors are great. The Canal Station II Condominium sales will be by appointment commencing at 7:00pm on Thursday September 21st, 2006. The process for setting an appointment to purchase a home at Canal… Read More

Pictures of Canal 2

Kristi sent me some pictures of the Canal phase 2 interiors. If you’ve been to a preview center recently please forward me your photos :).

Sunday Seattle Times

Here’s a look at what some of the ads were saying in this Sunday’s Seattle Times. Bolero: Prices starting at $180’s. 35 sold in 30 days. Brix: Coming soon to Capitol Hill. Canal Station: Phase II previewing now open Dwell Roosevelt: Buyer bonus on last 10 homes. Harwood: $4,000 buyer bonus. First 10 buyers, no… Read More

Seattle Times Sunday

I bought the Seattle Times today to see what new info I could glean from the tens of thousands the marketers are spending on their newspaper spends: Cosmo: Looks like they have just the penthouses left. Can you afford ‘The privilege of life at the top’? Only $970,000 to $1,900,000. But don’t worry you get… Read More