Interesting Sales Last Week

In Seattle, 19 condos and townhouses sold last week. Most notably, developer-owned units at Escala and Danielle moved, as did a resale at Anhalt’s Belmont Court. The Danielle Escala It was a bit of a deja vu moment when I tallied up new construction sales for the week and noticed Escala sold three and the… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Seattle saw 33 sale transactions close in condos and townhouses last week. It was the last week of the month, so the usual run of new construction closings cropped up including one condo at Marselle and at Danielle, two condos at Enso (including that double-height penthouse), and three condos at Escala. Notable in resales was… Read More

Update: New Construction Condo Inventory

The last time we checked in on new construction condo inventory was back in July, and before that in May. In May inventory looked to be 75% sold, then the needle shifted to 77% in July, and now the properties tracked in this list are 81% sold in all. As for what’s gone down the… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

In Seattle, there were 18 condos and townhouses sold last week. Following is a quick rundown of what looks to be a fairly successful week for new construction condos. Escala (3) Escala closes three more sales and, if added to the week prior, that makes 4 total for the month of October. 1920 4th Ave… Read More

Check In: New Construction Condo Inventory

Just over two months ago, I did a roundup of new construction condo inventory in Seattle. It seems about time to check in and see where things stand now. Last time I said that inventory was 69% sold overall; however, I missed a few properties in my roundup. So after adding those in (including several… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Perhaps more interesting than what sold and for how much is how many sold last week: 50 condos and townhouses. Nice work Seattle, let’s take a look at the highlights. In new construction, the following developments each closed on a single unit: Marselle #611 (1 bd/1.5b for $291K) Gallery #615 (1bd/1b for $220K) Escala #1206… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

As expected on the weekend leading up to July 4th, a low amount of condo and townhouse open houses are being offered in Seattle. Of the 60 open houses, only 3 are newly listed resales from this past week and nearly half are new construction. So if you are staying in the city, you can… Read More

New Construction Condo Inventory

When new construction condos went all gangbusters a couple weeks back and closed nearly half of the condo and townhouse sales that week, it seemed like a good time to do an inventory round-up to see what’s left to buy in Seattle. And when you think about remaining inventory, you can’t help but think about… Read More

Advertising at Bike Speed

Courtesy of the Danielle and JLS Teambuilder, there’s a new bike force touring the Ballard streets: bike billboards. On a sunny day, bike billboards doesn’t seem like a bad job to have but I have to wonder if it is like the mailman — neither snow nor rain nor… For more information on the Danielle… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

Last week, 40 sales of condos and townhouses closed in Seattle. I must say, it’s nice to see new construction condo sales monopolizing this list today. The luxury condominiums of 1521 and 200 West Highland closed two sales apiece last week. 200 West Highland is pretty much sold out with one final condo pending, while… Read More

Ballard: Danielle Tour and Photos

Over the weekend I toured a couple of the new construction buildings in Ballard including the Danielle, a boutique condominium of 31 units located at 5803 24th Ave NW. Jae, from TeamBuilder JLS, was kind enough to give me the tour (thanks Jae!) but preferred to provide photos, instead of giving me free reign with… Read More

Danielle in Ballard 12 of 30 Sold

Last weekend was the Danielle in Ballard’s Grand Opening. I don’t really know what Grand Opening means since they’ve been having open houses for a number of weekends already? However, thanks to the Danielle team for sharing their recent foot traffic numbers: The Danielle in Ballard had a sensational Grand Opening weekend, with the Saturday… Read More

Danielle Condos In Ballard Open This Weekend

For those looking for a condo in Ballard and not happy with all the other new construction condos up there already we were forwarded an email saying that Danielle is open: I am pleased to announce that we will be holding Danielle open both Saturday April 17th and and Sunday April 18th from 11am to… Read More

January Appears To Be Off To A Good Start

Last night I looked through the probably hundred or so condos that came on the market in the last two weeks. Nothing really new or exciting. Most looked to be ones that went off the market just before Christmas. The rest were from developments like Trace and Brix putting more inventory in the MLS. And… Read More