Opportunity knocks for a Contemporary Townhouse in Beacon Hill

Just listed for $399,950 this modern townhouse is 1,410 square feet with 3 beds, 2.5 baths and city/sound views from the rooftop terrace. Concrete and bamboo floors and kitchen with high end appliances and details.  No parking but apparently plenty of street parking.  Built in 2007 and initially sold for $480,000.  

NEW in North Beacon Hill

Dwell NW brings 4 new homes (1 is sold) to North Beacon Hill.  Targeting 5-Star Built Green these ultra modern homes have rooftop decks with views of Elliot Bay, Downtown Seattle and Bellevue.  Stylish finishes, open spaces with high ceilings and too many Green features to mention! Offered at $599,950 with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and over 2,000… Read More

Update: South Seattle Newly Built Tri-Level Unit: $375,000

1537 18th Ave S   South Seattle has really made a comeback as neighborhoods like Beacon Hill and Columbia City have been growing with popular green-built homes and newly built complexes over the last 5+ years. This 2 bed 2.5 bath unit freshly built South of Judkins Park is a good example of a mid-range… Read More

34 Sales Last Week; South Seattle on the Rise

With Halloween tomorrow evening, many trick-or-treaters are scoping out the neighborhoods, wondering who will be giving out the best candy. With newly built sales up in the South Seattle neighborhood, you might add Beacon Hill to Zillow‘s top neighborhoods of Seattle to trick or treat this year. Last week there were 34 sales in and… Read More

5 Star Built GREEN Mega Modern in Beacon Hill

1762 18th Ave S South Seattle is vastly becoming the new hot spot for young home buyers to rest their feet at night, and with newly built Moderns like this 5 Star Built Green home in Beacon Hill sprouting up more and more, I can finally smell the gentrification settling in. This lovely 2 bed,… Read More

Sweet Beacon Hill Loft Home Pending In A Day!?

I was shocked to see this sweet Beacon Hill loft home pending in just a day. It was brand new in ’09, sold in ’10 for $397,500 and after one day being listed at $374,500 it is now pending. If you were the owner wouldn’t you want to wait at list a week to see… Read More

Modern Townhouses Selling Out in Other Nabes

All this talk about townhouses. I figure I’m in the space so might as well burrow in a little deeper. In browsing condos and townhouses that are pending and listed in the past 30 days, I noticed these modern, new construction townhouses that have gone under contract relatively quickly (and in a couple of cases… Read More

Beacon Hill Free Standing Loft

Sorry I dropped off the face of the planet! Went to Canada for Labor Day and then again last weekend and work has been crazy. But this place at 2525 13th Ave S did catch my eye the other day. The place looks pretty cool. However, it’s been on the market since April. I guess… Read More

Beacon Hill Modern

A reader pointed out Four on Deajeon, “contemporary style green built homes overlooking Deajeon Park”. This one is a stand alone home at 1520 18th Ave. It’s listed at $489,950 for 3 beds, 2.5 baths, 1,596 square feet. Then I stumbled on this modern house pretty close by, 942 24th Ave S: $659,000 for 2… Read More

Hot Looking Beacon Hill Townhouse

This is a hot looking townhouse in Beacon Hill at 1211 S Grand St. One of six, this one is $429k for 1,687 square feet. Current average appraisal: $376,882 You must have JavaScript enabled to submit an appraisal.  Your appraisal: $ Submit

Sunday Seattle Times

It’s been a while since I posted about the ads in the Sunday Seattle Times. Here’s a quick look at who’s advertising. You’ll notice only one Williams Marketing project on the list. Oddly last week the ran ads for Olive 8, Fini, Leona, 5th and Madison, Mosler, Meritage and Eastlake Lofts but this week they… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times

I haven’t picked up a Seattle Sunday Times recently but I did this weekend and was surprised just few ads there were. The marketing firms are really dialing back their spending on Sunday paper advertising. I’m curious to know if they are advertising elsewhere (one of these days they’ll catch on to Google ads as… Read More

FatReport – Hot or not?

People have been chatting about The FatReport in the comments, so it’s time to start blogging about what they’re publishing. Selling well Here are some projects that have been selling well. Cosmo – 239 of 250 units sold Meritage – 46 of 48 units sold Mosler – 136 of 150 units sold Parc – 136… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times

What’s going on in the Seattle Sunday Times? Well I feel like lots of projects that are advertising are a little desparate. There definitely are some deals to be had with no homeowners, mortgage paid for 3-6 months, buyer bonuses, etc. I also feel like there are a lot of projects that are not in… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times

5th and Madison: ‘Grand opening weekend!!!’ (open daily, 11am to 6pm, 900 Fourth Ave, 27th floor, 206-624-7640) Bagley Lofts: ‘Move in today!’ Bolero: ’45 sold in 5 weeks.’ Up 10 from last week’s ad. Cosmo: ‘Our penthouses at everybody elses mid level prices.’They also decided to un-rotate their ad making it much easier to read…. Read More

Sunday Seattle Times

Here’s a look at what some of the ads were saying in this Sunday’s Seattle Times. Bolero: Prices starting at $180’s. 35 sold in 30 days. Brix: Coming soon to Capitol Hill. Canal Station: Phase II previewing now open Dwell Roosevelt: Buyer bonus on last 10 homes. Harwood: $4,000 buyer bonus. First 10 buyers, no… Read More

Seattle Times Sunday

What are the ads saying in this weekend’s Seattle Times? 500 Elliott: Grand opening this weekend 5th and Madison: Grand Opening May 20th and 21st 5th and Marion: New 39 story tower 5th Ave North: Grand opening this weekend Bagley Lofts: May 2006 Occupancy Francis Fremont: Grand opening this weekend Harwood: $4000 buyer bonus, special… Read More