Open Houses This Weekend

Are the holidays over yet? Oh, guess not because there’s only 36 condos and townhouses offering open houses this week. Pickings are slim, folks, but here’s a few for you + my one Christmas shopping tip for the year — an exclusive if you will. That super green (aka 5-star Built Green) townhouse that was… Read More

Interesting Sales Last Week

20 condos and townhouses sold last week in Seattle. In new construction condos, one unit sold at Decatur (#912 for just under $223K) and then there’s a few others of note. 3056 24th Ave W Someone must have walked in with a suitcase of cash because this Magnolia townhouse was listed on Dec 7 for… Read More

Noodling on Malden 8

Our townhouse-hunting reader visited Malden 8 over the weekend and kindly shared a few photos and impressions of the place. As you can see, much progress has been made since I snapped a few photos in July. The townhouses are still on track for an estimated completion date of Feb 2012 and prices are still… Read More

Reader Asks: Any New Capitol Hill Townhouses?

A reader asks: I’m looking to move to Capitol Hill and was wondering if you have any information on new construction townhomes. I see you’ve posted about condos – are townhomes not really being built anymore? I know of the Malden 8 and Highbury, but other that I’m having a hard time finding out what… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

As expected on the weekend leading up to July 4th, a low amount of condo and townhouse open houses are being offered in Seattle. Of the 60 open houses, only 3 are newly listed resales from this past week and nearly half are new construction. So if you are staying in the city, you can… Read More

Highbury Townhouses Tour & Photos

I stopped by the Highbury a week ago to check out the townhouses on Capitol Hill, and to see the water fountain that runs down the middle of the complex. Unfortunately for me, the fountain that collects, stores, and recirculates rainwater was temporarily turned off as a final water-tight seal was applied to the surrounding… Read More

Capitol Hill’s Highbury Lowers Prices

Okay, so it’s not exactly breaking news but just in case you didn’t notice…on May 18, The Highbury lowered prices on its townhouses by up to $36K. When Urbnlivn first noted the townhouses on the MLS in February, the highest priced unit was asking $595K. That townhouse is now offered at $559K, and the lowest… Read More

Open Houses This Weekend

You may only be able to covertly drive by the foreclosures (not yet on the market) that you can now find on Redfin; however, you can actually go inside any of the 99 condo and townhouses that are offering open houses this weekend. Highbury Saturday and Sunday, 12-4PM Most notably are 5 units just listed… Read More