Busy day of price slashing at the MLS

4 units at Mezzo dropped in price. 711 E Denny Way #101, $10,000 reduction to $310,000 711 E Denny Way #201, $10,000 reduction to $325,000 711 E Denny Way #204, $6,000 reduction to $279,000 711 E Denny Way #402 , $20,000 reduction to $425,000 5 units at Metropole dropped in price. And you should also… Read More

Mezzo Event Tonight

I love it how projects send out invitations to events the day of… (Three19, Mezzo, Epic, Lumen, Domaine are all projects I think are guilty of this.) If you’re in the mood for for ‘warm drinks’ and want to check out Capital Hill’s latest conversion Mezzo is having an event tonight: Step into Mezzo for… Read More

FatReport – Hot or not?

People have been chatting about The FatReport in the comments, so it’s time to start blogging about what they’re publishing. Selling well Here are some projects that have been selling well. Cosmo – 239 of 250 units sold Meritage – 46 of 48 units sold Mosler – 136 of 150 units sold Parc – 136… Read More

Price reductions on Capitol Hill

Sorry for all non-Capitol Hill folks but I follow Capitol Hill more closely than other neighborhoods and noticed some price reductions recently that might interest you (both newer and older units): Mezzo (711 E Denny Way #201): $10,000 drop to $335,000 Mezzo (711 E Denny Way #107): $10,000 drop to $365,000 303 E Pike St… Read More

Mezzo: 22 left.

Mezzo (yet another Capitol Hill conversion (did I mention my rent is going up and there is now a waiting list to get into my apartment?)) apparently only has 22 units left….

Wendy on Mezzo

Wendy on the Mezzo: You will get slightly higher end finishes in Mezzo than Plaza Del Sol. Mezzo’s interior features hardwood floors, tile flooring in the bathroom, granite slab countertops, zebrawood cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. Sounds like the finishes are higher end then what I got at the Meritage, which I find pretty disappointing…. Read More

Mezzo Exterior Pictures

Curious about where exactly Mezzo Condos was I wandered over to 711 East Denny Way (definitely not ‘where Capitol Hill, downtown and South Lake Union converge’) and took a few photos of the exterior: The building looks fine except for that large red band with metal strip running up above what presumably is going to… Read More

Mezzo Grand Opening

Mezzo, the latest Capitol Hill conversion (formerly The Place Apartments), is having their grand opening (even though they’re already sold two units?), on Wednesday June 28th from 5 to 6:30pm. DJing the event is Pearl Django and after a quick peak at their website I get the sense that their target demographic likely differs from… Read More

Mezzo Condos

A reader emailed me a link to Mezzo Condos on Capitol Hill. Is this yet another Capitol Hill conversion? I’ll have to walk by tonight and check it out. I also fail to see how 711 East Denny Way is where Capitol Hill, downtown and South Lake Union converge. That address is pretty much smack… Read More