Montage Now Leasing

Someone posted in the comments recently that Montage, a 23 unit building on Capitol Hill, has gone rental. Walking by this morning I saw this sign confirming it (I would have gone in but they weren’t open yet): Checking out their site also confirms they are leasing: What were these units selling for? #203 –… Read More

A Visit to Montage

Two weeks ago I did a walk through of the Montage on Capitol Hill with James Tjoa broker for the project. A few notes: There is a 450 square foot commercial space that they’ll sell or lease Parking is included 5 stories, 23 units The builder does about one building a year. On Capitol Hill… Read More

Montage Condo on Capitol Hill

A reader emailed me recently wondering if I had heard of Montage condos on Capitol Hill. I hadn’t so I swung by Bolyston and Union one morning and snapped some photos: Here’s what the reader had to say: I was just curious if they’d started listing or selling at all, or if they’d promoted themselves… Read More