110% Over List, All Cash For Cap Hill Starter Condo

A reader wrote in about a bidding war they were recently involved in at 1125 E Olive St #608. It hit the market September 24 for $215k and was pending September 27th. Last sold in 2006 for $271,900 when the Onyx went from being apartments to condos. The under $250k market in the Seattle area… Read More

Seattle Times Sunday

It’s been a few weeks since I last picked up a weekend Seattle Times to check out the ads. Here’s what the ads are saying this week: 3901 first: ‘Presales starting late June 2006’. Asia: ‘75% sold’ Bagley Lofts: Hurry! Selling Fast! (How long has Bagley been on the market now?) Bolero: ‘70% sold in… Read More

Added: Onyx: Yet another Capitol Hill conversion

For the past few weeks I’ve been hearing about this conversion at 12th and Olive. First my friend who had been living in an apartment there was unable to renew his lease, then another friend was walking by and stumbled upon their chaotic sales office. Today I decided to check it out and see first… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times

What are the ads saying this long weekend? Not much, they’re all the same as last week. Apparently Plaza Del Sol hasn’t sold any condos in the last week, either that or they haven’t updated their ad. Though the Vulcan properties are advertising for the first time: Enso: ‘Traveling the world tends to give you… Read More