Pine and Belmont Development Proceeding?

A reader wonders what is up at Pine + Belmont: I live at the Press (Pine and Belmont) and on my way home this afternoon I noticed fliers posted on all the cars parked across the street in the gravel lot where Kinkora used to be. The flyers served as cease and desist requests, indicating… Read More

Dennis Saxman Loses Pine and Belmont Petition

Word is that Dennis Saxman has lost the Pine and Belmont petition against the city but this isn’t going to deter him from continuing his petition of 1605 Bellevue Ave down the street.

Update on Pine and Belmont – UPDATED

Curious about the controversial Pine and Belmont condo development aka the new parking lot on Pine? Despite losing an initial hearing at a lower level court Dennis is appealing to the Superior Court. However, Murray Franklyn has the project on hold because they can’t get financing. (See update below from Murray Franklyn.) Here’s the full… Read More

Resident Stalls Pine and Belmont Development

The Slog has an updated on what is going on, or not going on, with the Pine and Belmont development by Murray Franklyn, How a Crusade to Save the Pike-Pine Neighborhood Is Turning an Active Block Into a Gravel Lot—For at Least a Year. In short a Capitol Hill resident, Dennis Saxman, feels that the… Read More

Hillku on urban renewal

Hillku a blog written by a friend of mine has featured a couple poems about condos. One references Vertigo and the other two references establishments being torn down to make way for the Pine and Belmont mega-condo. Now I hate to out the author but I do find it interesting he recently moved into some… Read More

POWHat Re-cap

The Slog has an update on the POWHat meeting the other night about the monster condo project at Pine and Belmont, Two Meetings: The design for the block is getting worse, not better. The latest renderings show a six-story, block-long structure with tiny balconies, several different colors of siding (how original!)and almost no green or… Read More

Capitol Hill: a resident suggests that developers put in more effort

By Guest Contributor, Jen Power The POWHat (Pine-Olive Way-Howell-Area Triangle) Neighborhood Association Meeting had a bigger crowd than usual March 13th. On the agenda was a presentation by me about the development going in on Pine between Summit and Belmont. Currently this block is the home of Kincora’s, Manray, the Bus Stop, Harry’s Grocery, Bimbo’s… Read More

Pine + Belmont Condo Development: More Details Revealed

I’d link to introduce Carl Goodman who will be joining me here every once and a while at Urbnlivn. Carl, is a bit older than me, has lived in New York but now lives in a penthouse above an older condo on Capitol Hill (apparently your dollar goes at lot further here). He’s going to… Read More

New Event: Find out what’s is replacing the Cha-Cha

Wondering what is going to be replacing the Cha-Cha and is the subject of numerous articles and blog posts by the Stranger? If so, then you’ll be interested in the POWHat Neighborhood Association’s January monthly meeting: DISCUSSION ABOUT THE PROPOSED MIXED USE CONDO PROJECT ON PINE (between Belmont and Summit) by Peter Greaves, from the… Read More

Dan Savage: Save the parking lots!

Dan Savage writes on The Slog, Save The Parking Lots! about the uproar over the condos taking over Capitol Hill. I’ll be accused of being in the pocket of developers for saying this but, you know, I’ll take a drugstore—even a chain—and dozens of units of affordable housing over a gas station any day.

PI Finally Reports on the Fremontization fo Capitol Hill

The Seattle PI finally catches up with The Stranger and The Weekly on Condos soon will replace a bit of Capitol Hill counterculture: He said the new condos were using funky stores like his, and the idea of urban living, to lure new residents. But his store is among those being pushed out, and the… Read More

The Stranger on Capitol Hill Condo Developments

While out of town I must have missed The Stranger’s recent lengthy feature article on The Death of Pike/Pine: Seattle Developers Have Used the “Hip” Factor to Sell Condos Up and Down the Pike/Pine Corridor. Now They’re About to Kill the Bars and Businesses That Make the Strip Vibrant. It’s an extensive look at both… Read More