Seattle Sunday Times

What’s going on in the Seattle Sunday Times? Well I feel like lots of projects that are advertising are a little desparate. There definitely are some deals to be had with no homeowners, mortgage paid for 3-6 months, buyer bonuses, etc. I also feel like there are a lot of projects that are not in… Read More

Seattle Sunday Times

5th and Madison: ‘Grand opening weekend!!!’ (open daily, 11am to 6pm, 900 Fourth Ave, 27th floor, 206-624-7640) Bagley Lofts: ‘Move in today!’ Bolero: ’45 sold in 5 weeks.’ Up 10 from last week’s ad. Cosmo: ‘Our penthouses at everybody elses mid level prices.’They also decided to un-rotate their ad making it much easier to read…. Read More

Sunday Seattle Times

Here’s a look at what some of the ads were saying in this Sunday’s Seattle Times. Bolero: Prices starting at $180’s. 35 sold in 30 days. Brix: Coming soon to Capitol Hill. Canal Station: Phase II previewing now open Dwell Roosevelt: Buyer bonus on last 10 homes. Harwood: $4,000 buyer bonus. First 10 buyers, no… Read More

Blog post about Plaza Del Sol

There’s a funny blog post up on a Livejournal site about Plaza Del Sol, Who’s going to pay $250,000 for justchad’s old studio? Did they ever cover up that lube hand print? Will it remain a drug dealer haven? Will it remain a sex party haven? Is it worth it? Too funny.

A look at Plaza Del Sol

This afternoon I stopped by the Plaza Del Sol sales office to check things out. The buildings were originally built in 1993 and have 81 units, 27 of which have been sold already (they went on sale 5 days ago). Prices start at $221,950 for a 450 square foot studio and go up to $471,950… Read More

Meritage Price Has Increased

I hear from a friend who has been looking on Capitol Hill at both Plaza Del Sol and the Meritage that the prices have gone up on some Meritage units by $20,000 as a result of Plaza Del Sol’s higher pricing (see my post on the Plaza’s higher pricing). This is great news for me… Read More


Wendy has a look at some of the conversions on the market today. Here is a summary of her reviews: Urban Terrace: 3.5/5.0 5th Ave N: 4.0/5.0 Plaza Del Sol: 4.5/5.0 Bolero: 4.0/5.0 I also think there are a few more on the market like Francis Fremont and Magnuson Pointe.

Plaza Del Sol Pricing Seems High

Plaza Del Sol is a conversion on Capitol Hill and the units are starting to show up on the MLS: Unit # Price Sq ft $ per sq ft # of beds 207 $224,950 529 $425 0 209 $309,950 629 $492 1 213 $284,950 613 $464 1 306 $434,950 980 $443 2 315 $269,950 592… Read More

Seattle Times Sunday

What are the ads saying in this weekend’s Seattle Times? 500 Elliott: Grand opening this weekend 5th and Madison: Grand Opening May 20th and 21st 5th and Marion: New 39 story tower 5th Ave North: Grand opening this weekend Bagley Lofts: May 2006 Occupancy Francis Fremont: Grand opening this weekend Harwood: $4000 buyer bonus, special… Read More

Plaza Del Sol On Sale

Plaza Del Sol, a conversion on Capitol Hill, just went on the market starting in the low $200,000s. Oddly they don’t have any photos of the exterior on their site so I walked by and snapped a picture for those of you who don’t live on The Hill.